Their Toy

Jason Walker
Their Toy
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Renaissance Sizzler Editions
Release Date
July 2012
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Ashley Wallace had an accident. By skidding through someone's yard she set in motion a series of events that would not only change her life but the lives of many others along the way. Ashley was introduced to the domination and submission lifestyle and found that the best relationships can grow out of giving yourself over to someone, completely. After meeting the powerful and rich Daniel Stillwall and his submissive Evangeline, Ashley is drawn into the world of Domination and Submission only to find out that she doesn't truly fit there. After a frightening episode with a rival of Daniel's, Ashley finds out that having gotten into this relationship, she has allowed Daniel to bring retribution against that rival. Ashley learns through Daniel and Evangeline's relationship what real love between two people is and just how strong the D/S relationship can be. Ashley Wallace soon discovers that while she may not fit as a submissive her involvement in the lifestyle shows her that there is a whole new World for her with these new people in her life.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Dec 19, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THEIR TOY is a fun, erotic adventure that all begins with a simple car accident. Ashley Wallace had no way of knowing that when she skidded across Daniel Stillwall's lawn, she would be pulled into a world of sex, money, corruption, and power…

I very much enjoyed the characters and plot of this story. Daniel and Evangeline have a beautiful and open D/s relationship that both of them seem fulfilled with. The emotions of these characters and the descriptions of their relationship came across as honest and believable. I also very much enjoyed the character of Ashley. She is fun-loving, easy going, and open, but she is also emotional and devoted to those she cares about.

The story started out great. Ashley swerves her car to avoid hitting an animal and wrecks Daniel's lawn. She does not have the money to fix the lawn so offers Daniel "anything" in exchange for Daniel not calling the police. Daniel already has his submissive, Evangeline, so he decides Ashley can serve as their toy- an object for them to use for their pleasure, as they please. The three of them quickly fall into their new relationship and everything is going well until a foe of Daniel's threatens them. Daniel, being a powerful businessman, decides to take action against this foe, which throws Ashley's life onto a whole new course.

I enjoyed the idea of the plot, but I did feel that everything moved very quickly and the plot wasn't allowed to develop at a good pace. There were no hesitations or questions asked of the new relationship between Daniel, Evangeline, and Ashley--everyone jumped in and was accepting and happy. The character of Peggy, Daniel's long-time foe, had the potential to be a great antagonist, but I felt like her character wasn't developed enough so I wasn't emotional about her. When Daniel got his revenge on her I was glad, but I felt no sense of satisfaction because it all happened so quickly. Ashley's best friend Deana and Ashley's potential love interest, Mike, were good characters, but I felt they were not written well into the plot.

All and all, I enjoyed the story and the characters. There was just a lot that happened over a relatively short span of time. I wish that the plot had been developed more slowly to make me feel more drawn in and attached to the characters. A steamy and fun read.
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