Todd Gregory
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October 2012
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

As far as the mortal world knows, Cord Logan died two years ago. In reality, he stalks the French Quarter, searching for victims. Cord knew that coming back to New Orleans would be risky now that he's broken with the fraternity of vampires who first claimed him. But a chance encounter with an old friend triggers unexpected desire, and reveals a lethal curse that endangers not just his kind, but all of humanity.

Cord's quest to break the curse leads him on a journey of carnal self-discovery and deep into the bayous. Here, where magic reigns unchecked, Cord must tap into his dark, unpredictable abilities and all his seductive powers. And if he fails, he'll have all eternity to regret it.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Nov 29, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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NEED is about a young vampire, Cord, who is caught in a web of supernatural beings, vampire law-and-order, blood and bodily lusts. The story takes us on a fast-paced, erotic and frenzied journey as Cord tries to figure out who and what he is and how to survive without his maker.

Cord has only been a vampire for two years when he decides he cannot live with his maker anymore. Against strong warnings, Cord returns to New Orleans where he was made a vampire. Cord gets himself into trouble when he runs into an old friend and struggles with controlling his blood lust. That is when Rachel and Nigel, Nightwatchers, come in to assist Cord.

Cord has no knowledge of Nightwatchers or the vampire Council because his maker, Jean-Paul, never explained anything of vampire laws to Cord. While Rachel and Nigel try to give Cord some much needed lessons on what it means to be a vampire, they also try to help him figure out if he has a curse placed on him. Rachel senses there is a curse and everyone believes it must be from Sebastian, the witch who kidnapped and tried to kill Cord right before Jean-Paul transformed him. What no one realizes is that there are older and stronger forces at work in New Orleans.

Cord, Rachel, and Nigel work to discover what Sebastian did to Cord and what lingering effects it is having on Cord. What they come to learn is that there are witches much more powerful than Sebastian whose desires go far beyond New Orleans and curses. When these witches try to pull Cord into their clutches, everyone must work together to save him and his future.

I enjoyed this book for the most part and feel the storyline has a lot of potential, but a few elements kept me from giving it a higher rating. First, there were a lot of flashbacks, which were great for getting details of Cord's life but disrupting to the flow of the story. Second was the sex. While I fully enjoy a steamy and lusty sex scene in a novel, I want it to serve a purpose in the plot of the story. I really felt that there was too much sex, just for the sake of having a sex scene. The sex scenes were hot, don't get me wrong, but too much of a distraction to the storyline at times. I was very happy to read that there is the potential for this to turn into a series. There was a lot of action and information given at the end of the book that I would like to see expanded upon. If there is a second book in this series, I will definitely read it.
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