Calling the Shots

Christine d'Abo
Calling the Shots
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Carina Press
Release Date
October 2012
Book 4 of Long Shots
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

He's had a wild ride, and now sex club owner Josh Scott is looking for a change of scene. But first, he's determined to bring two friends together, and he's willing to be a third wheel to move things along...

Beth Norris is eager to be set up with hot bartender Oliver Stephenson, but she's equally attracted to matchmaker Josh. Soon she's fantasizing about both men at once—and about being the one to call the shots in the encounter...

Ready to move on with his life post-divorce, Oliver is conflicted by the realization that he's attracted to women and men. Or more specifically, to Beth and Josh. He tries to keep his distance, but it's not long before the chemistry between the trio combusts in a night of mind-blowing sex.

In the light of day, it's clear something deeper than desire is growing between Josh, Beth and Oliver. But though Josh has helped others find love in unconventional relationships, is he willing to take a chance on one himself?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Oct 15, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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CALLING THE SHOTS is the fourth (and final?) book in the Long Shots series. This book is the first in the series to turn away from the Long siblings and focus on one of their good friends—sex club owner, Josh Scott. While making sure those around him are happy and satisfied, Josh has lost sight of his own happiness and fulfillment. Perhaps his sexy assistant manager and hot new bartender can help Josh refocus!

I was so very excited to see this book being released. I thought the Long Shots series was set for three books and after the stories of the three Long siblings were told, the series was over. I am overjoyed that Josh got his own story, especially after feeling like he was left behind in Double Shot. This book was fast-paced and emotional, not to mention hot!

While Josh Scott, owner of Mavericks, an exclusive sex club, has participated in many threesomes, he never saw how one could work on a permanent, relationship level. So, when he is tempted to dream of something more with his assistant manager, Beth, and his bartender, Oliver, he is skeptical. Adding to that skepticism is the fact that Oliver is straight, Beth is cynical of relationships after a bad break up, and Josh is fairly certain the two are attracted to one another. But while Josh sees the attraction between Beth and Oliver, Beth sees the attraction between Oliver and Josh… and it turns her on.

While the three of them work to release past demons and grow closer to one another, they are met with constant conflict. There is a vandal on the loose in the neighborhood who is targeting sex clubs, Oliver and Beth's exes both show up and stir up buried emotions, and Josh is working to find an investor to support his moving and opening up a second club in a new town. The three struggle with honesty, openness, and settling their pasts to see if there is a chance at a future for two, or all, of them.

This book was a heartfelt exploration of the possibility of a committed relationship between three people. The discussions about societal norms and marriage and children and discrimination were honest and emotional. It was very easy to understand the concerns expressed and it was nice to read that there were concerns. I find that many books that involve multiple-partner relationships don't ever address these very real issues and that having this type of relationship would be challenging and looked down upon by a lot of people.

The author did a wonderful job of showing the growing relationship and the exploration of feelings, both physical and emotional, that these characters were experiencing for the first time. One character is dealing with the fact that he's attracted to a man for the first time in his life and that he feels a desire to be submissive. Another character is dealing with wanting a committed relationship with two people when he spent much of his childhood being told how wrong it was that he was bisexual. The third character is trying to come to terms with her desire to express some domination in the bedroom. These are real issues that can't be overlooked just because these three people find each other attractive and have hot sex. Again, great book with lots of honesty, emotion and steam.
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