Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love

Tessa Stokes
Devon Ruthin and a Vampire in Love


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Release Date
October 2012
Book 1 of The Ruthin Trilogy
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

When a girl looking for love meets a lonely, but strange man she has her suspicions about him, especially since he doesn't seem to eat.
He's not what he used to be, he's totally reformed and lives amongst a group of ancient magical beings. Just what is he besides, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and totally in love with her?
He's a dress designer, a dot com businessman, a good friend, courageous, and he's four hundred and some years old.
Fate has some weird twists in store for this couple but above all else it has a delicious love story.
Devon Ruthin finally hears from his very dangerous brother after twenty years. It's not the reunion he would hope for, when Drew takes a liking to the girl Devon loves.
This chance meeting with a girl he is not destined for, but who is the catalyst for his destiny sets off a series of events that only reach a climax in book three of the trilogy.
It's not the reunion Drew might have hoped for either, because he discovers the woman he's always loved lives in the same town as Devon, and he begins a quest to win her back.
Drew is still a dangerous being but his love interest Elise has some tricks up her sleeve.


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