The Devil's Match

Victoria Vane
The Devil's Match
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Breathess Press
Release Date
August 2012
Book 4 of The Devil DeVere Series
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

When burned once... Arriving in London as her goddaughter's chaperone, Baroness Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley wants to avoid her erstwhile lover at all costs.

Once nearly consumed by passion, four years has reduced the former inferno to bitterness and ashes.

By an old flame... A world-weary master of seduction, Ludovic "The Devil" DeVere is bored with his chosen life of debauchery.

When Diana's charge disappears, she is forced to seek help from the devil's lair, and their mutual desire reignites with undeniable ferocity.

Fire is best fought with fire... While DeVere is hell-bent to have her back for keeps, Diana is equally determined to bring him to his acquiring some sensual secrets of her own.

Book Review by Bridget (reviewer)
Oct 13, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When a book is as highly anticipated as this installment of the Devil DeVere series, it's often difficult to live up to expectations. I am delighted to report that not only did this book live up to all my hopes, but it also managed a few surprises that were simply delightful.

In The Devil You Know, readers had the chance to see the scandalous history between Ludovic "Devil" DeVere and Diana, Lady Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley that began four years before the beginning of the series. Now, back in the present, DeVere and Diana have been thrown together once again, and the results are electric.

Their goddaughter, Vesta, daughter of DeVere's best friend Edward, has declared herself engaged to Hew, who happens to be DeVere's younger brother. With little choice but to support the match, Vesta's relations have come together to give her hasty marriage the most convincing air of respectability possible. It is almost impossible to think that, as the maid-of-honor and best man respectively, Diana and DeVere will be able to avoid each other's company, but no matter how hard she tries, Diana cannot seem to escape her own seductive dreams—or the constant presence of her Devil. In fact, it would seem that Ludovic is hell-bent on getting her to admit to her lingering desire for him—or even to rekindle the flame that once burned so hotly between them.

But Diana is no longer the defenseless young woman she was the first time she and DeVere met, and she refuses to relinquish her power or control to him a second time. Even if she could believe that DeVere's feelings extend beyond a momentary physical need, she wants much more. So Diana decides to take matters into her own hand, and learn all the tricks she will need to keep DeVere under her thumb and begging for more.

Having learned to respect and sympathize with Diana in the previous book in this series, I was delighted to see how she has grown and developed, and to cheer at her growing confidence. Her unlikely alliance in her quest to claim DeVere's attentions certainly brought out some new elements to her character, and definitely added a new edge to a series I've grown to love.

It's near impossible not to have read this whole series to date and not fall just a little in love with Ludovic DeVere. He is a wonderfully sympathetic Byronic antihero, with an unquenchable thirst for pleasure and a surprising protective streak when it comes to those close to him. Though up until how he has been largely a supporting character, he came into his own in this book, and I was astonished to hear his secrets and learn some of the details that made him tick. I think I was even more surprised by the emotions that moved him to share those secrets. DeVere's heart is truly a complex place, and seeing the rare glimpses of his deeper feelings made the whole book a success for me.

This was a story I never really expected to read at the opening of this series. However, having made the journey with Diana and DeVere, I was thrilled to see them battling and loving each other, and coming to terms with the passion that never dimmed between them. This story is a wonderful reward to series devotees, and absolutely not to be missed. From beginning to end, I was thrilled with this remarkable love story, shocked by the antics our hero and heroine perform, and overjoyed by the unconquerable emotions between them. Even the Epilogue held its share of surprises, along with a fitting fate for the Devil DeVere. Victoria Vane showed a great deal of courage and skill in crafting her characters and letting them grow so naturally together. While I can only hope for more books in the very near future, I know I won't be forgetting Ludovic DeVere for a long time to come.
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