Broken Angel (Unconventional Series #2)

Verna Clay
Broken Angel (Unconventional Series #2)
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M.O.I. Publishing
Release Date
August 2012
Book 2 of Unconventional Series
Historical Romance, Western Romance

Second book in the Unconventional Series

Luke Samson is a successful writer at the youthful age of twenty-five. His life is going along as planned and he has no desire to marry for at least a few years. While dining in a Dallas restaurant, he overhears an intriguing conversation and receives his first look at Angel St. Clair, a woman who will forever change his carefully laid plans. Although she has been blessed with angelic beauty, her heart is shattered. Can Luke not only mend, but completely restore this broken woman?

Angel St. Clair's sole desire is to hire a suitable husband to escort her safely to the bakery she has purchased in San Francisco. To that end, she ran a classified advertisement for a mail order husband. Her life savings has gone into acquiring her business and she hopes to find, if not happiness, at least contentment after suffering a life of tragedy and heartache.

Book Review by Steffi (reviewer)
Oct 25, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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After the smashing hit of Abby: Mail Order Bride, I had high hopes for BROKEN ANGEL. Verna Clay's writing spoke to me and transported me to another place and time. Unfortunately, BROKEN ANGEL was fairly underwhelming.

Luke, Abby and Brant's son, has become a famous writer. He spends his time traveling and visiting with his family in Two Rivers, Texas. While in Dallas, he overhears a conversation in a local restaurant. This conversation will change his life forever.

Angel St. Clair is a widow, looking for a temporary husband to accompany her to San Francisco. For a single woman, traveling alone would be too dangerous, so Angel is looking for a protector. She is a passionate baker and wants to open her own bakery in San Francisco. Angel is looking for independence. She has a troubled past and wants to start over where no one knows her.

There are several obstacles keeping Angel and Luke from pursuing their plans. While it is not the road they planned on, it is the road that will lead them to each other.

I was disappointed in BROKEN ANGEL. The plot was rather predictable and couldn't hold my attention. The characters didn't stand out and I was surprised by that, especially since Luke was such a complex character in Abby: Mail Order Bride. Everything that happens in the course of this book is too convenient to grip the reader and entice them to lose themselves in the story.

The only time I felt that Verna Clay created the same magic as with the first book in this series was when Luke and Angel spent time with Abby and Brant and their children. Getting the chance to spend more time with the couple and getting to know another part of their life was a treat.

While I plan on continuing to read this series as I'm very curious about Jenny's story, BROKEN ANGEL is not a novel I'll re-read. The second book in the Unconventional series was sadly very conventional and not what I had hoped for.
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