Find My Baby

Mitzi Pool Bridges
Find My Baby
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
September 2012
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Someone stole her baby. That same someone wants her dead.

Pregnant Kayla Hunter is eagerly awaiting her child's arrival when she's kidnapped and forced to give birth in captivity. Kayla escapes her prison and certain death, only to have the police think she's trying to cover up killing her own child. Just one man agrees to help find her son, and he stirs feelings she can't afford.

Houston homicide detective Luke Garrett can't turn away from the beautiful brunette with unforgettable blue eyes, no matter how wild her story. Before long, he's falling for her, but Luke knows he doesn't stand a chance of winning her love until they find her son.

As people connected with the case turn up dead, Luke realizes that whoever stole her baby is still after Kayla. Can they find her baby before the trail grows cold, or will the killer find them first?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Mar 11, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Why would someone kidnap Kayla Hunter's baby? She has no money for a ransom; she has no living relatives besides her mother's sister, who is seventy. Her husband was killed in a car accident and his parents are dead. So once again, who would have motive to keep the baby as healthy as possible before killing Kayla?

Kayla Hunter is one strong-willed mother that will do anything to find her son, Sam. She escaped her captors. But when she reported the crime to the police, they thought she had killed her baby. Slipping out of the police station, she seeks refuge with her aunt until she is able to finalize a plan to find her baby. Then she finds herself sitting across the table the next morning being closely observed by a cop.

Luke Garrett is a homicide detective with the Houston Police Department. He has been working on a case with his partner for quite some time. When he goes to his mother's house to see if she and her neighbor have any handy work that needs to be done, he finds himself with a beautiful blue-eyed woman. He can't believe her story of the kidnapping, but he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. They try to retrace her steps to the house where she was held. When they finally find the house, he knows she is telling the truth.

Kayla will do anything to find her son, so her aunt has her speak to someone in a news station that she knows. When she got a lead on the woman captor, she takes a friend with her to investigate. However, they are too late, as both captors were dead. Luke shows up at the scene with his partner Terry and something is eerie at the scene. The two people were killed in the same way and with the same caliber as the victim in their ongoing case. How can it be possible that the death of a woman's husband and a kidnapping be tied together?

FIND MY BABY is an awesome mystery with surprising twists and turns and deaths that leave you wondering who is doing it all and why. I bet, like me, you're thinking it was David, her dead husband. That he somehow faked his own death. That the fight they had the night he died was staged in order for him to get his son. Maybe, maybe not. I'll leave you to find out.

Kayla seeks comfort in Luke, and little by little she falls in love with him. You know Luke is a goner when he mentions to Terry he's getting married at the same time that he's looking at Kayla. I loved how I was able to get to know the characters. The pace of the book was perfect.

Ms. Bridges' writing style gives the reader the sense of danger, the detailed emotions and the caresses that evolve into more than giving comfort. She kept me interested and made me care about the characters. Her writing style brought me to think of how this could actually happen in the real world and how devastating it could be on anyone.

FIND MY BABY is an excellent read that will have readers at the edge of their seat and wishing for just a small clue to kill their curiosity of who kidnapped Sam. This is the perfect suspense/ mystery for those who love them with a couple of twists and turns. Now my only question is: Will there be a book on the secondary characters, Jackie and Terry, since it seemed they hit it off?
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