Make Me

Sierra Cartwright
Make Me
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Loose Id
Release Date
October 2010
Book 3 of Hawkeye
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Competent and in control, Ms. Inamorata, Hawkeye's righthand woman, has the perfect relationship with hunky fellow operative Wesley Lowell. Several times a week, she shows up at his house, has fabulous sex, meaningless conversation, and then returns home and to her regular life.

Dynamic and determined, Wes has had enough. He's tired of playing by her rules. He wants more than passion from Inamorata, he wants commitment. One evening, as she's yet again climbing from his bed to leave him in the middle of the night, he acts, snagging her wrist and refusing to let her go. He bends her over the bed, and takes her the way he wants to: hard, fast, dominating.

Against her own wishes, she responds to his more heated sexual demands. For the first time since they've been together, he makes her beg for an orgasm, and beg she does. This oh-so-sexy man turns her life upside down, until she realizes she needs him not only as a demanding lover, but needs him by her side to solve a case that causes past and present to collide.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements.

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 04, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This book has it all!

I have a treat for all of you. I promise. No tricks. Just one big, fabulous treat. It is rare that I come across a book I would recommend to just about anyone, but this is one I truly think I can. It does have BDSM elements in it, and Wesley Lowell is a strong Dom, but somehow Ms Cartwright has managed to write it in a very palatable way that works with the entirety of the story without taking over. It is much more and action adventure than an erotic romance. Although, rest assured, it does have plenty of erotic and boo-koos of romance.

Make Me is the third in the Hawkeye Series. It was brand spankin' new to me, and I was easily able to follow along and quickly get the gist of who's who and what was what. Ms. Inamorata (yep, top secret first name) is the right hand man er, woman to Hawkeye at his security corporation, Hawkeye Inc. Inamorata is one cool and in control agent who happens to be using fellow agent Wesley Lowell in between the sheets as a way to de-stress a few times a week. Must be nice!

Lowell has had enough. He is a Dom ready to take control of Inamorata's sexually submissive side and he is finished watching her run away when she is through with him. Just as he is ready to lay down the law, Inamorata's world falls apart. Her mother-figure-housekeeper's son (say that five times) is kidnapped as a way to get revenge on Inamorata for an earlier case.

First off, Wes is a computer geek with the coolest house and hippest dog ever. Both are fully automated and their need for programming-tweaks provides plenty of side splitting humor. A robotic dog who pees oil and chews shoes? An automated house that enjoys zapping birdies who defecate on her fence and tormenting alpha agents who used to be in control? Oh, yes m'dears! What a cleaver way to add that humorous edge. Really, all the secondary characters are perfectly developed and utilized to add flavor to the story.

Even though the sex is steamy and the secondary characters (including the automated ones) are side splittingly funny, the core of this novel is an action adventure story that moves at a furious pace leaving you no time to look over your shoulder or adjust your seatbelt. It is a wickedly-wonderful ride! I had no idea where we were going and I was consistently surprised when we got there, loving every minute of the journey.

So for all of you out there who just simply must have it all- here it is. Action, adventure, hot sex, laugh out loud humor and a couple of tormented souls to warm your heart. Enjoy!
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