Genius and the Jock

Daisy Harris
Genius and the Jock
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Siren Publishing
Release Date
September 2012
Book 7 of Men of Holsum College
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

First and goal. Three years ago, football star Griff Parker shared a locker room sexual encounter with brainy scholarship kid Raj Mehir. That stolen blow job turned Griff's worldview upside down, unlocking desires he wasn't ready to face.

Now a senior, Griff's working in Holsum College's biology lab, where he's in direct contact with his freshman crush. Raj wants nothing to do with him or the memory of that afternoon. Too bad. Griff's falling hard for Raj, battling his way past every one of his sexy scientist's defenses.

Raj Mehir knows he's gay. But he's locked that knowledge tightly inside and has no desire to change that. But he does have desire for Griff. In a big way. Now he's experimenting with Griff and inching closer to the closet door.

Double overtime. Two deeply closeted guys. Two hearts on the line. One term to change everything.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Oct 15, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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GENIUS AND THE JOCK is number seven in the Men of Holsum College series and it brings us back into the world of students, love, shame and fear. It's a story about Griff and Rai, two opposites who surprisingly enough work very well together.

When they were freshmen, Griff had a huge crush on Rai, but being young, inexperienced and just plain old stupid at times, his approach was that of the kindergarten variety – I'll show him I love him by being a bully. Yeah, that didn't work out quite right, but they still managed to have an experience together that brought home to them both that they were gay.

Three years later and Griff's crush is still strong while Rai is in denial. ‘What might have been' is knocking on his door and this time he is able to see past Griff's posture and appearance and allow himself to trust and let go.

Yes, it was a beautiful story about two guys who are deeply closeted, insecure and rather inexperienced. I found their first experiences to be adorable and Rai's dominant approach so sexy. They clicked together and it was my pleasure to meet them.

The ending is a bit on the rushed side and their relationship never quite lost that childish note. The issue of their parents was huge at the beginning, almost the base of the whole conflict in the story, but the final resolution didn't match that beginning intensity and I am always a little bit disappointed when that happens. I also wanted to know what happens next with them because unlike the rest of the stories in the series, this one felt a bit unfinished.

It is nice when I'm able to just reach for a book that I know will relax me and let me rest my mind for a couple of hours. Daisy Harris does it every time and I'm looking forward to the next romance to come out of her fold. It is much appreciated.
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