Forbidden Desires

Jessica Jordan
Forbidden Desires
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Liquid Silver
Release Date
August 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Taken off the streets of San Francisco and forced into slavery for a Chinese ship's captain, Diana Marke thought she'd never see her husband or infant son again, if she lived long enough to return to America. She never imagined the husband she trusted could commit murder, much less conspire to end her life and that of their child. Neither did she consider the vile man who captured her could ever be more than a criminal in her eyes. Shang cursed himself for ever thinking he could do business with Diana's scheming husband and come out unscathed. Thousands of dollars lost and a possible murder added up to more trouble than a beautiful, spoiled white woman could possibly be worth at auction. She defied him at every turn and enflamed his passion until she filled his every thought. Though he tried to keep her safe and showed her more kindness than any other master, would she ever see him as anything other than a monster?

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
May 06, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This story started with a bang, and it just kept going and going. It started with a kidnapping, then an almost rape, followed by a forbidden desire, to being kidnapped again and the rest you will have to read for yourself.

Diana had a perfect life, a loving husband and a son but looks can be deceiving. Her husband sold her for a debt that he needed to pay for gambling. But when she was taken, she had her child with her. She makes a deal with the Captain; she will do as he says only if her child is given back to her husband.

Shang has been out to sea since he was a young man. He gambled one night and found himself winning a ship and took claim of it, only to have to kill the ex-owner because the owner thought Shang cheated the prior night. He loaned money to Jonathan, Diana's husband, and when he is unable to pay all his debt, he pays half and the other half he offers his wife to him to settle his debt. He only takes her in order for Jonathan not to do anything to harm her.

It didn't take long before someone from the ship tries to accost her and rape her, only to find himself thrown off her by Shang. Diana does not hold her tongue towards Shang and tells him what she thinks. It was hard for her to believe that her husband had sold her. As time passes, Shang treats her decently and she finds herself admiring him. Only she thinks back to what her father taught her, that there are different levels of people and different races.

Things changed the day when he forced himself on her and kissed her, touched her but did nothing else, and from that day forward, she couldn't forget his touch. One day, Shang came to the cabin and there was no more resisting him. They made love for the first time. Shortly after that their ship was boarded and she was taken from him by his elder brother.

I am not a big fan of historical romance, but I totally loved this passionate story. This book sizzles with romance. It's action-filled and it brings the reader to a time where anything is possible. The chemistry of these two characters was explosive. This story was not just about the passionate chemistry they had but the trust that Diana had for Shang. Shang was shocked that she did not pull herself away from him when she felt his scars when he was whipped. I loved Diana's sisters as they were not what I expected but much more. This story is well written and has well developed characters.

This is a fast paced book and a hot read. It also brings us a beautiful romance between two beautiful people.
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