Sniper Shots

Kathy Lane
Sniper Shots
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The Wild Rose Press
Release Date
October 2012
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Amy Sheridan left her special ops unit after a blown mission, swearing she'd never kill again. But when Joshua Colby's life is endangered, she realizes the man means more to her than keeping her vow. She knows her usually controlled heartbeat is running rampant because of him--not fear. Once a sniper, always a sniper.

From experience, Joshua knows he'll have no chance at love as long as he remains in the dangerous world of special ops. But once he discovers the tempting woman he's been assigned to protect from a traitor is already part of his world, he's more than ready to follow his heart. Now all he has to do is convince the woman who has him in her crosshairs to give love a chance.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Apr 06, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Both the Harrier and Raven have a sixth sense, but Raven, using her courses, was able to find out his true identity before he is able to find hers. He only knows that she needs to be protected by the very man that was her lover and now has come back for revenge.

This Special Ops thriller is adventurous and nerve-racking from the moment Amy and Joshua meet at the back of a garage that belonged to his best friend Kyle. The three Wassile brothers don't know when to quit messing around with Amy but Joshua will not take it one bit. He is captivated by her the moment he lays eyes on her but so is she. Only they have no time to get to know each other. Joshua later finds out he has been assigned to be her watch dog.

Amy Sheridan is a very brave, strong, independent woman that will not allow anyone to make choices for her, and most of all, she trusts no man, especially one that brings shivers to her skin. She goes where she pleases and does what she pleases. But Joshua has made that impossible since the minute they meet. Can you believe that he made up a rumor the next morning that they were engaged? Only to make sure that Chet, one of the Wassile brothers, would leave her alone. But it didn't help when she found herself diving into a ditch while walking her dog. Someone was trying to kill her but who? Her killer's Jeep was almost identical to Joshua's. Could he be working with the "Cobra"?

Joshua Colby knows he should not be getting too involved with Amy but there is something about her that he finds fascinating. He finds out that she knows Special Ops sign because her dog "Bors" is trained using the signs. Something that he thinks Kyle showed her, but he isn't sure. When his commander tells him that he needs to keep watch on her, now is his time to do exactly what he wanted. When Joshua finds out that someone tried to kill her, he wants to kill Velavich aka "Cobra." Only he needed to think things through: was it really Velavich or was it Chet? The stakes escalate when Amy was kidnapped.

SNIPER SHOTS is truly an entertaining mystery of cat and mouse. The Cobra was trying to strike the Raven with its venom, only the Harrier had no intention for the Raven to be struck. With this storyline, it makes you wonder why the commander is so interested in Amy, and to what extreme would Amy go in order to protect the people she loves? SNIPER SHOTS is well written, and the author is amazingly capable of keeping your interest in the story.

The only problem I had was that some questions were not answered, like, what happened with Kyle and his family, what happened after the mission was done, and where did Joshua go after the clean-up? Were there any other men in the surrounding area waiting for Velavich?

Other than that, the characters and their situations were so real I found myself talking to them as if they could hear me. The chemistry that Joshua and Amy had for each other just radiated off their bodies; any one that saw them knew that Joshua was a goner.

SNIPER SHOTS is a great read that is captivating in every way.
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