Risking It All

Ambrielle Kirk
Risking It All


Ambrielle Kirk
Release Date
November 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Would you risk everything you've worked so hard to obtain for one adulterous night of passion?

Julissa literally has the world in the palm of her hand. A successful long-term partner. Fabulous house in an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta. A prosperous career as a realtor. An abundance of loyal friends. Although, what her friends see on the surface of her seemingly perfect life is the opposite of what goes on behind closed doors. Her boyfriend, Michael, seems to care about moving up the corporate ladder more than taking the next step in their relationship with her. Trying to convince him has become depressing and disappointing. She's been neglected for too long and would do anything to revive their love life.

Julissa's loyalty is tested when she crosses paths with Quinton, a determined real estate investor, and discovers that he is everything she wants and needs in a man. When Quinton comes to town and spots Julissa, he wants to invest in more than just properties. One round of explosive sex turns into two. And twoůinto many. But Julissa knows the difference between lust and love, and she won't give up her relationship with Michael after three long years through thick and thin.

Quinton refuses to let Julissa get away. He wants her anyway he can have her, even if it means they continue their secret affair on the down low. Julissa doesn't expect the wild nights with Quinton to blossom into something more, but when it does, she must decide between the man who wants her and the man who craves her. But how long will Quinton wait on the sidelines while Julissa weighs the consequences?

What would you do if you were asked to risk it all?


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