Dark Geist

Amanda Steiger
Dark Geist
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
October 2010
Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Urban Fantasy

After centuries of walking among humans undetected, the Children—immortal descendents of gods and goddesses—are disappearing. Smoky Striggs wants to get to the bottom of this mystery, but even with the brains he inherited from his ancestor, Athena, he can't turn up any clues.

Then he overhears a psychic distress call from Felix, a gentle-natured young telepath who uses his powers to locate serial killers for the government. For months, Felix has been tracking a killer named Violet Haze. As Smoky learns more, he begins to suspect that Haze is connected to the Children's disappearances. The only way to find answers is to capture her, and for that, he'll need Felix's help.
Soon Smoky is falling for his new friend, who reminds him of his dead lover from another century. Same red hair, same gorgeous blue eyes, same burning desire to help those in need, no matter the cost to himself. But Smoky's sworn off mortals. They just don't live long enough, and when they die, the heartbreak is too much.

Contains: graphic violence and bloodshed

Book Review by DH Starr (author)
Nov 05, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Dark Geist by Amanda Steiger follows Felix Burns, a twenty-two year old telepath and Smoky Striggs, one of the Children, a descendant of the Olympic Goddess Athena.

The story opens to a vividly gruesome murder of a child Felix has linked minds with. As part of his work with Department of Psychic Research (DPR), Felix helps to locate children who are being murdered gruesomely by a previous telepath, Violet Haze. A fiercely compassionate person, he can't help but take on the pain of others, even to his own detriment. Along with being telepathic, Felix is also a diagnosed schizophrenic and his alter ego, Edward, is the complete opposite; selfish and angry, incapable of putting the needs of others before his own.

Smoky has lived on Earth for over 500 years. Having lost love once, he has sworn off loving mortals, not wanting to feel the sting of pain he had once suffered long ago. Trying to figure out what is happening to the other Children who have been disappearing, he joins forces with Felix and together they begin a journey to uncover what or who is behind the kidnapping and murders.

What unfolds is a suspenseful mystery which binds the two heroes together, forcing both to face their deepest fears. As each strives to protect the other, both of their lives are risked and they must find their inner strength or else lose their lives and each other forever.

Dark Geist examines the forces of good versus evil, self-hatred versus self-love, and the rewards that come from facing one's fears in order to find true happiness. As a work of paranormal fantasy, Ms. Steiger has vividly created a world that is detailed and believable. Geist, which refers to the energy that fuels immortals, is as much a character in the story as Felix and Smoky and, through detailed narrative, the effects of light and dark geist are brought to life in the pages.

Images of high tension are drawn out masterfully as characters face one trial after another, the imagery painting clear images with such finesse and beautiful use of language, which the pictures form effortlessly in your mind as you read.

She also weaves emotion into the characters and their experiences, carrying them and the reader on a powerful journey that spans the full scope of the human experience. As I read, I felt anger, elation, arousal, and satisfaction as the characters interacted with each other and the situations.

While I rated the book 3 stars, if I had been able to give half-stars, I would have rated this a 3.5 stars.

One thing which I took away from the overall flow and impact of the story was the shifting antagonist. For the first half of the story, we are focused on Violet Haze and what she is doing to the children. We slowly learn about who she is and how she became evil. But when Felix and Smoky eliminated her as a threat, I found myself a bit let down, feeling like I had to start over, wondering who the villain was and where the story was going. A new villain appears not once, but two more times before the story is concluded.

The other aspect of the story which stole from the overall impact of the story for me was how everything ended neat and clean. This particular romance would have benefitted from being a Happy-For-Now instead of a Happily Ever After. However, as a romance, a happy ending is expected, so that wasn't a terribly big distraction. But the last couple of chapters shifted from an active plot to a well-written examination of what it means to be human and to accept imperfection. While heart-felt and relatable, it felt a bit preachy.

Had Ms. Steiger maintained one central antagonist from the beginning to the end, allowing the others to be secondary antagonists along the way and ended the story when the main conflict had been resolved, this story would have satisfied my personal tastes much more than it did.

Still, as a lover of sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy literature, I found the creativity of her writing to be gripping. If you are looking for an erotic read and love paranormal stories, this is a book well worth the read.
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