Morgan's Vigil

Sophia Titheniel
Morgan's Vigil

Changeling Press
Release Date
October 2010
LGBTQ, Paranormal Romance

Morgan's life isn't that bad. Sure, he's bullied, but what gay guy isn't. He doesn't have many friends, but it's high school, a notoriously shitty period in the life of every teenager. He's eighteen, and in just two months, he'll leave for college, where he'll major in Modern Literature and Poetry, and he'll be far, far away from Mission High School.

Until a bullying episode drives him running straight into a speeding car. Morgan's life is suddenly hovering by a thread. But Morgan isn't dead -- he's just out of his body. No one can hear or see him but Derek, his red-haired, unapologetic intern who sticks by him and helps him overcome his fears and find his path in life.

Derek's a keeper, and Morgan's sure he's in love. But will those feelings last once he's back in his body?
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