The Mulata From Floridita

Richard Lapointe
The Mulata From Floridita


Richard Lapointe
Release Date
October 2012
Erotic Romance

At a resort in Playa Santa Lucia, Cuba, retired businessman Jack meets a much younger woman from a good family. Like hundreds of other women from surrounding cities and towns she is there to have fun, meet foreign men and make money in the thriving sex trade.

When she takes him back to her home town the affair becomes complicated and dangerous. To be together they must find safe places to stay and be careful in public. The risk to the girl is great. If the police catch her with him she could go to jail.

But can he trust her? Does she really love him or is he just the victim of an elaborate plot to separate another tourist from his money? After returning to Canada, he has sixty days to overcome his doubts. If he does, he will return to Cuba and marry her in June. If not, he will spend the rest of his days alone.

As the story unfolds Jack and the reader become immersed in a world of hustlers and colourful characters, where sex, fiestas, the black market, and petty corruption are the ingredients of normal Cuban daily life.

Though this is a romantic novel it's not 50 Shades of Grey. You won't find much kinky sex, but plenty of the regular kind, and although the book isn't meant to be an expose of sex tourism in Cuba, the sex trade and the black market are normal ways of survival there and hence form part of the background of the story.
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