Savage Need

Moira Rogers
Savage Need
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Changeling Press
Release Date
September 2009
Book 2 of Temple of Luna
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Zahra has devoted her life to serving Luna. The savage needs of the werewolf warriors can take their toll, and she serves as a healer, treating not only her fellow priestesses but anyone in need. Still, she's never seen anyone so wounded as Jarek, an old friend who's been through hell--and doesn't seem to remember her.

Jarek was always considered the most civilized wolf in his unit, a rare healer trained in werewolf magic as well as the medicine of their human enemies. When an injury shatters his self-control the beast inside him takes over, leaving nothing civilized or reasonable. Just the wolf, who remembers the scent of the mate he always needed and is determined to claim her at any cost.

Book Review by Silver (reviewer)
Sep 26, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Wildly romantic, sweetly poignant, not to be missed!

Zahra is a priestess and healer at the Temple of Luna, but mainly a healer. Priestesses take care of the savage needs of the werewolf warriors, and as a healer, she heals her fellow priestesses and anyone else in need. Her services becomes sorely needed by Jarek, whose mind was shattered by a traumatic event.

Jarek is known for being an excellent and coolheaded healer, trained in both werewolf magic and human medicines. But when an injury left him with no knowledge of himself or his family, the only thing he had to go on was the familiar scent of the woman he longed to claim.

Bree and Donna, the writing team that is Moira Rogers, write hot, compelling stories, as they continue the story they began in Savage Possession, the first book in the series. Savage Need, despite the title, is a very romantic story, especially the scene after Jarek recovered his senses. Jarek just about tears my heart apart, with his pain and vulnerability. I like Zahra much, much more than Avani, the heroine in Savage Possession. Her submission to Jarek is very sexy and sweet, exactly what he needed to heal. In fact, there's a rather poignant quality to Zahra's and Jarek's relationship and their interaction with each other that touched the heart.

I'm glad there will be more Temple of Luna books in the future, the next one coming in January 2010. Not much waiting left!

Readers should take note that this title contains scenes of bondage and dominance.
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