Dark Deception

Suzanne Rock
Dark Deception
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Red Sage Publishing, Inc
Release Date
September 2010
Book 1 of Immortal Realms
Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

After being plunged into a chaotic and deceitful society, Maria Guerrero finds comfort in the arms Enrique Torres, a man she believes is innocent of her world. She keeps him ignorant about her inner monster, and the blood oath she took to save her brother's life. Instead she prefers to use their sexual play as an escape from her supernatural world. When her secrets catch up with her however, Maria is forced to confess her sins. Will Enrique find it in his heart to forgive her deception? He must, before her vampire master demands her to pay him his due. With the help of a disillusioned fey warrior, she convinces Enrique that vampires are real, and danger lurks around every corner.

Enrique can't allow himself to fall for Maria charms, or he'll risk revealing secrets of his own -- secrets which would not only scare her, but put his mission in jeopardy. He hopes that by forming a physical connection with the young vampire, he'll lower her defenses and earn her trust, for she's the only one who could help him bring peace to the Immortal Realm. As they play out their sexual fantasies, her true identity is uncovered. On impulse gives her his trust, only to be repaid with her betrayal. Now he wants revenge… but what will be the cost? As the Immortal Realm descends into chaos, Enrique and Maria must choose whether to trust each other again, or fall victims to the dark deceptions that rule their world.

Book Review by Debbie (reviewer)
Nov 14, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is a story of love and betrayal between Maria Guerrero and Enrique Torres.

Maria is a vampire with a blood bond to Carlos, a very powerful vampire trying to strengthen his clan. Enrique is human and part of the Immortal Council. They are both hiding these secrets. Enrique knows Maria is a vampire and he knows she is trying to entrap him for Carlos. He knows he cannot fall under Maria's spell, as his secrets would then be revealed. Enrique and Maria must choose whether to trust one another if they want to be together and free to love.

Enrique is human and he knows Maria is a vampire. Their love for one another is very strong. The time they spend together is very sweet and romantic. But they are both hiding secrets. Although Maria is a vampire, I don't think she was portrayed as being strong enough to defend herself. She looked to her brother or Enrique to defend her instead of fighting for what she wanted. But Enrique also seemed to have his flaws. He did love Maria and wanted to be with her. But I think he took too long in the story to go for her once she was fully under the control of Carlos. He was more concerned with gaining his vampire abilities than going for her. He seems very selfish. So overall, even though I did like both characters, I feel that both needed to have stronger characteristics and personalities.

The love scenes between Maria and Enrique were very steamy though and very well written. There was some food play and a little light bondage. There was one M/F/M scene in the book that involved a water spring. I don't want to give anything away, but needless to say it was very good and very hot!!

Even though the sex scenes were great, I think the characters and the story could have used more development. I was actually confused quite often throughout the book and felt like I had missed something. I couldn't figure things out or there wasn't enough detail given to fully explain the fight between Enrique and Carlos. I read a few chapters more than one time trying to figure out what was happening. There were a couple of characters during the book that left me confused. I questioned to myself trying to figure out who they were and where they came from. Since this is stated to be book 1 of a series, I hope the story development in the succeeding books would answer my questions.
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