A Ghost for Christmas

Kacey Hammell
A Ghost for Christmas
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
December 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

After receiving a long weekend at an elegant hotel beside the majestic Niagara Falls as a Christmas gift, Jodie Gibson is determined to do nothing but relax and enjoy the scenery. And, okay, just maybe meet someone who makes her toes curl.

Sebastian is sophisticated, tall, dark and gorgeous--everything a woman fantasizes about. But he's also an 18th century ghost. He haunts the halls of the hotel, seeking the one true love that can help him find peace…

Book Review by Bec Clarke (reviewer)
Jan 21, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A GHOST FOR CHRISTMAS by Kacey Hammell is a sexy short story that makes you think about taking time to enjoy life just a little more.

Workaholic Jodie Gibson is given a Christmas gift by her fun loving best friend, the gift of a night's stay in a luxury Hotel overlooking Niagara Falls. Forcing herself to try and relax and enjoy life a little more, she arrives to find that the room comes with more than just a wonderful view. Can the resident hunky 18th century ghost help her open up to let love into her life and can she in turn help him find final peace?

I am not used to reading many short stories so had to adjust my mind to the pace at which we learn about characters and places in this book.

That in mind I enjoyed parts of this book while finding others a little too rushed with not enough detail or just the wrong sort of detail. The phone scenes with Jodie and her friend are a little confusing as we have a little background but not enough and I felt they could have been done a little better.

There were times when I wondered if the author was trying to make the book a little more sophisticated than it actually is, for example, her use of the word ‘beverage' when the word drink would have been more appropriate as Jodie is in her own home and not a fancy restaurant.

The book improves once Jodie reaches her hotel stay. The descriptions are adequate without being showy and the story flows nicely. The description of Sebastian when he appears and his time with Jodie are well written. I got to know Jodie a little better during this period and even fell a little in love with Sebastian and his wistfulness to give her love and happiness.

A GHOST FOR CHRISTMAS started off mediocre but redeemed itself throughout the middle and end of the story. I always love a happy ending and although this one was not what I had expected as I was reading, it was most satisfactory.
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