Home Work

Kaje Harper
Home Work
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MLR Press
Release Date
October 2012
Book 3 of Life Lessons
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Mac and Tony thought the hard part was over. They're together openly as a couple, sharing a home and building a life with their two children. It's what they dreamed of.

But daughter Anna struggles with the changes, Ben is haunted by old secrets, Mac's job in Homicide still demands too much of his time, and Tony is caught in the middle.

It's going to take everything these men can give to create a viable balance between home and work. Especially when the outside world seems determined to throw obstacles in their way.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Dec 24, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HOME WORK is the third book in the Life Lessons series, revolving around a cop and a teacher who lead interesting and sometimes dangerous lives but push through it with love, affection and dedication.

In this book, they have a good family life. Parents to two children, Ben and Anna, our heroes – Tony and Mac – balance their work, finances and the somewhat harsh past of their kids. It's all finally working out and occasional troubles are a part of what they'd signed up for. Mac is working on a seemingly hopeless case which keeps on unraveling into something more, while Tony fights to be the perfect dad even when the other one is constantly working and Tony's nerves are rather thin.

The first half of the book is really family-oriented. Well, the whole book is, but the first part is slow and a set up for their mental state as well as their relationship. For me, it was a clear four star rating, but as I continued reading a few days later, the tempo picked up, and I was reminded of why exactly I do enjoy reading Kaje and the men she so lovingly creates. There is action and drama plus some of the most beautiful scenes I've read lately when it comes to couples. Also, one of the more intriguing parts of this story for me were the side characters. There was enough mystery around them for me to want to know more, read more about them – well, I want the author to give them their own book to be honest. But I've asked and it's not going to happen. Still, the second part of this book was pretty great and while the ending is HFN and the case part was left a bit in the air, I do recommend this book, especially if you are one of us who've followed the series form the start.

With HOME WORK, you should be prepared for excellent writing, a thorough story, beautiful romance and even some heart racing action that will keep your gaze glued to the pages. Not something you'll want to miss.
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