How To Quit Playing Hockey

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How To Quit Playing Hockey
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Loose Id
Release Date
September 2012
Book 1 of Hockey
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Mac has never wanted to be out. He's not ashamed of his sexuality--especially after he started hooking up with his teammate, Fritzy. The lies are exhausting, but the risks that come with the truth are enough to convince him to keep his mouth shut.

Fritzy already has a reputation as a troublemaker. He's actually good enough to make to the major leagues … if anyone will take him and being out and gay makes that even less likely. So, they have to stay quiet for now. Be hockey players today, be gay later.
 Mac has always felt that coming out was a personal decision, but this is clearly a business decision.

Unfortunately for him the business of hockey means a lot of homophobia passed off casually and thoughtlessly. His teammate aren't bad guys. His coaches aren't bad guys. The reporters, the fans, the scouts and agents--no one wants to be called a bigot, but nobody thinks about the things they say in jest. Just how much longer will Mac have to stick to business? How many more lies will he and Fritzy have to tell just to hold onto their dreams?

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jan 05, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I've discovered my love for hockey stories quite a while ago, but nothing tops those focused on a gay couple. I guess it just rocks my boat and the first story I've read by this author concerning the subject set up a high standard that just wasn't reached by this one.

I got a different impression about the characters and what might have been a plus in the short THERE'S COCK IN THIS STORY than in this lengthier book that I struggled with it.

Mac is having trouble with his slowly dying hockey career. He's never made it to professionals and is getting too old to stay in the sport and make a living with it. Fritzy got his big break and they are now making it work long term, facing the trials that keep on coming -- alone, and keeping their secret.

There might have been ‘cock' in the first story, but there was way more sex in this one. Too much in fact and instead of letting me get closer to the characters it created a certain distance where I just needed the story to move on. I especially felt that with Fritzy while Mac kept changing his mind and overall attitude. One minute he would be super closeted and the next he would have these bouts of need for public affection. Then he would go back to hiding.

Fritzy's reasons were somewhat understood, to me anyway, and while I do appreciate the general fear, what annoyed me was the hot and cold displays that frankly really made for inconsistent personalities. I did like the hockey theme as well as the bits and pieces of romance which seemed really sweet. But most of their relationship consisted of pieces of humorous banter and sex. Not much to pull it all together into a solid whole.

I would still recommend this to those who like to read about sports in books and those who do want to revisit Mac and Fritzy, but I did expect more from this story and will think about taking on another potential book in this series.

Disclaimer: The reviewer is also a published author with Loose Id.
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