The Wisest Maiden

Dahlia DeWinters
The Wisest Maiden
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
August 2012
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance

Betrayed by his first wife, King Toridesh gives his new brides no chance to deceive him. After he marries a virgin of his choosing and consummates the marriage, he has them killed.

As an only child, Issalia has been sheltered by her parents in an attempt to shield her from their king's murderous intent. When her mother falls ill, Issalia refuses to allow their market-stall to be closed for the day, knowing this one day of income stands between them and poverty.

While in disguise, the king spies the lovely Issalia in the marketplace and takes her as his next bride. Will Issalia succumb to the fate of the virgin brides before her, or will she be able to break the king's curse?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Dec 27, 2012   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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THE WISEST MAIDEN is a delightful retelling of The Arabian Nights, focusing on the part about Scheherazade and her king.

Her whole life, Issalia was protected by her parents, and she wasn't allowed at their market stall for fear that the king would see her and demand she become her bride. Because of the unfaithfulness of his first wife, the Queen, to prevent being betrayed yet again, King Toridesh would marry a virgin and after consummation, he'd have her beheaded the next day.

However, one day when her mother was sick, Issa had to help her father, and who should come to stroll the marketplace that day but the king? Struck by her beauty, he brought her to the palace, fully expecting to deflower this new bride and have her beheaded the next day. How would Issa escape her fate?

While Scheherazade survived by using her stories, Issa used her wits to entice and beguile the king. I won't tell you how she did it, because that is part of the fun of reading this story! Issa is a strong heroine, she has an inner core of steel that allowed her to be calm and to use her wits in the face of adversity. Of course, it helped that she found allies, but it's because of her character, of her sweetness and simplicity that she was able to find friends in her situation. Of course, though I know all will end well, I still rooted for her and cheered with her when she was able to outwit the king.

The king, Desh, is a jerk (a nicer word for the real one I had in mind, which starts with an "a" and ends with "hole") initially, so heartless. I cursed him a lot when I started reading, especially when we see the scene from his point of view. But of course, the way he objectified women can be be attributed to having suffered his first wife's betrayal, thus he closed his heart and mind to women thereafter, making sure no one touched his heart ever again. Still, he did have a change of heart (of course) later on.

Even while Desh still means to go ahead with his plan, the two share some romantic moments that served to build their relationship somewhat and engender feelings.

I have to commend the author for her vivid description of her world--Kammas, Moulin, the desert wind--and it seems as if I was truly there and heightening my enjoyment of the reading process.

THE WISEST MAIDEN is an enjoyable read into a vivid fantasy world.
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