Wild Souls

Jocelyn Devon
Wild Souls
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Red Rose Publishing
Release Date
August 2010
Erotic Romance

Can Eliza's and Hank's marriage be saved or is it already too late after his affair with town tart Sylvia? Her home wrecking ways threaten to end all three of their lives. HIV, looms over then like a dark shroud. Can any be saved?

Sterling, an ancient vampire, mourns the loss of his beloved Alana. He never thought he'd find another woman to take her place. Yet, he finds hope in Eliza.

Will Eliza accept his dark gift before it's too late?

Can she find it within herself to love a creature of the night? Is it possible his love can cure her?

Book Review by Ashia (reviewer)
Jan 05, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Eliza was devastated when her husband Hank left her, and on top of which, she was saddled with an incurable disease. Her only comfort now was her friend, Sterling, but would she still feel the same when she discovered who he really was?

I admire Eliza for trying to save her marriage repeatedly and over a long period of time. Her husband truly didn't deserve her. Sterling's friendship was her only comfort in the bleakness of her life, and even that was mistaken for something else. Her situation made me root for an HEA for her, for surely nobody deserved to be taken to the depths to which Eliza had gone.

But thank goodness Sterling was there, as he'd always been from the time they first met. When he'd lost his wife, he thought he'd never be happy again, but then he found Eliza and this time, he wasn't letting his second chance slip from his hands, not if he has anything to say about it.

The story is simple and a quick read, but I feel that it could've benefitted from having a longer length. More scenes could've been shown rather than told, and the most crucial of this is the relationship between Eliza and Sterling. Showing how they became friends would've helped me feel the connection between them, as well as give a reason for Sterling's deep affection for her. More insights to Eliza's emotions in certain scenes as well as stronger dialogue would've given depth to the story.

Eliza's devastation was depicted very well, but going back to the longer length, if more time had passed, then probably, we'd have seen another Eliza emerge from her suffering, a stronger Eliza, most probably. As it is, she spent too much page time being weepy and playing the damsel in distress to Sterling's knight. This story has great potential, which I believed would've been realized with a longer story length and more character development.
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