Jaime Samms
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Release Date
December 2012
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

It takes a tough man to wear lace well…and an even tougher man to get close to him.

Cross-dressing Caleb has a huge chip on his shoulder that makes it impossible for anyone to get close...including his boyfriend, Levi, and the uncle he lives with. Shielded behind his bad-ass boots and leather kilts, he feels safe from the bullying and harassment he's lived with his whole life.

It takes a bully pushing him over the edge and a kindred spirit he never expected to find to make him see that maybe it's time to exchange the leather for a bit of lace and show his more vulnerable side.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes with outright nasty harassment and fist fights.

Book Review by Valentina Heart (author,reviewer)
Jan 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I'm quite glad authors are writing more about cross-dressing in their books lately, especially when those books are well written and kinky reviewers like me have plenty of fuel for our demanding imagination.

LACE turned out to be everything I'd expected, from an insecure student with issues to the larger subject of being accepted for who you are and not for what you wear. The author did an amazing job of incorporating all of the character's touchy spots into a bigger picture and she did it with enough sympathy it really wasn't a problem for me to enjoy this story.

Caleb is a gay man who likes to dress up. He's not one of those men who can hide his preference, like his boyfriend Levi can, so he hides his even more unordinary desires and satisfies himself by just wearing a bit of lace underneath his clothes. Caleb is a target for a local bully who doesn't really give him any breathing space and keeps harassing him, but Caleb isn't one to just walk away. He has an aggressive streak in him and reacts to provocations with violence. It's not just about words with him, he's used to being rejected, by his father, his uncle and the society in general, so letting someone in to the person behind the tough exterior is something Caleb doesn't think he can do, not even for his boyfriend Levi, who he desperately doesn't want to lose.

I loved this story, especially Caleb with both his insecurities and low self-worth as well as his aggressive side where he wasn't afraid to stand his ground and show teeth. For me he was a true star and it rubbed me the wrong way that he had to basically crawl for Levi. I know Levi wasn't a bad guy, but even at the beginning of the story I secretly hoped the bully would turn around and end up the perfect guy for Caleb instead of Levi. Yes, the guy never sat well with me, and as the story progressed I honestly liked him even less and couldn't agree with his attitude or his point of view at all.

LACE was a great book—wonderful writing with an amazing subject and this was almost perfect for me. While this author's work is mostly excellent or completely off the mark for me, I still dare to recommend you try one of her books, you might turn out to be a fan.
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