White Magic Woman

Ju Ephraime
White Magic Woman

ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Release Date
December 2012
Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Newly married Todd Montgomery is happy with his life. He has a job he loves and a wife he adores. Life can't be better. Or so he thinks until he becomes the obsession of a White Magic Woman. His work as a research scientist takes him all over the world, but now stationed on the tiny island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, he has become the nighttime plaything of one of the most powerful sorceress on the island.

Simonia is passionately in love with her husband, Todd, and lives for the moments they can spend together whenever he gets a break from his demanding job. But when on one of his trips home, he is not able to be intimate with her, Simonia is beside herself. She thinks he's cheating on her. Not knowing how to handle such deception, Simonia becomes very despondent and cold to her husband.

But when Todd comes home suddenly and tells her he's the object of a sorceress' obsession and it has gotten so bad he's had to leave his job and return home to seek help, she believes him, especially since the witch has followed him all the way to New South Wales. Todd is helpless to fight the witch, and it's up to Simonia to save her man and her marriage. Together these two lovers set out on an adventure of a lifetime, to capture and destroy a powerful witch who is hell-bent on destroying their marriage. Will they succeed against the power of evil?


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