Up on the Housetop

Suzanne Rock
Up on the Housetop
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Loose Id
Release Date
December 2009
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Desperate to escape her controlling family, Chloe Bradford scrambles up to the housetop of her Texas home on Christmas Eve. There she discovers a sexy stranger cloaked in shadow. He convinces her to shed her good-girl image and give in to her most secret desires. The man's low, raspy voice tugs at her memory as much as it awakens her passion. Is he a Christmas miracle, or some figment of her imagination? When he tries to leave, she follows him, eager to learn his identity.

Zach can't stop thinking about Chloe, or their reunion on the roof. His wolf-half urges him to reveal his identity and claim her, but he doesn't dare. For both their sakes, he must remain in the shadows until he can control his inner beast's bursts of rage. After a decade of struggle he thought he could handle his curse, but Chloe's presence causes his control to slip. As the moon-rages become more frequent, he knows he's slipping toward the insanity that claims many of his kind. Only Chloe can save him, but will she want to after he reveals his identity and the reason he broke her heart over a decade ago?

Book Review by Zenith (reviewer)
Nov 19, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This novella is smokin' with an intense relationship full of love and sexy encounters! From the very first scene, you can sympathize with the lead female character as her situation is depressing, but the appearance of a dark stranger on her roof changes her life for better, even though things get worse at first.

Chloe doesn't understand why she is in the situation she is in at age thirty two. She is depressed that she is being worked over by her father to take over the family business since her brother's tragic death many years before. Unfortunately, that tragic accident involved the love of her life and fiancé, Zach. Zach's body was never found, but Chloe's brother's body was recovered and appeared to have been attacked by some ravenous animal. Now, Chloe is in a passionless relationship with a man her father is vying for and this man, Karl, has just proposed to her on Christmas Eve at her parents' house. Getting on the roof is the only solace that Chloe has. Once on the roof, she is visited by a stranger who tingles her senses with danger and arousal. Who is this stranger and why has he visited her this night? More importantly, how did he get on the roof so easily?

I loved the story in this erotic romance. A lot of the time, it's hard for an author to balance the erotic scenes with the actual plot and story scenes. I do believe that this author has achieved it very well. My only issue with the entire novella was the overuse of some certain words when writing the love scenes that it became a little redundant, but I do realize it is difficult to come up with alternative words for many things. *Laughs sheepishly* That said, I still enjoyed this story from beginning to end. The actual love story within this story is beautiful, you understand that the characters are supposed to be with each other and the thought of them being with anyone else is not possible. They belong together. There was also a great deal of descriptions that were spot on, not that I know about the area this story takes place in, but I could visualize the area very easily with the descriptions the author used.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is into explicit sexual encounters and those who like erotic romances of the paranormal sort. It was a very enjoyable read and I will be looking forward to more stories by this author.
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