Uncuff Me

Cassandre Dayne
Uncuff Me


Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
January 2013
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Danni Fuller is a professional dater, at least she should be given she'd been on about a bazillion first dates in her life. Oddly enough they almost never made it to a second. Her friends told her she was too brash and far too wicked in her ways to garner a man in the very southern town of Macon Georgia, but she scoffed. She refused to follow the rules, no matter if they were registered with the Sheriff's Department or not. After a particularly scathing date with a politician's son, she called her best friend to commiserate and drag the guy through the mud over a bottle or two of wine. Then she received a reckless driving ticket on the way home and she knew all hell was going to break lose – by her hands. Didn't matter she got to lay her eyes on two of the sexiest men in the world.

Officer Santos Garcia had it bad for the feisty Danni, a woman he would love to have in his life, but first he'd have to tame her. That is if he could even get close to the rather uppity female. After almost forcing her off the road to get her to stop before killing someone on the road, he was ready to tie her down and teach her a lesson about excessive speeding. When a call came out of the blue, asking for assistance in corralling the vixen, he enlisted the scandalous help of his partner in setting up a court of law of his own making. After all the punishment should fit the crime.


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