Wrapped Around Your Handlebars

Azura Ice
Wrapped Around Your Handlebars
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Silver Publishing
Release Date
January 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

With Christmas weeks away, Oak finally ends a bad relationship that's been dying for years. Traveling alone on his motorcycle seems the best way to clear his head. But once he meets Chandler, a waiter at a roadside restaurant, plans change.

After three years of trying to revive his relationship, Oak finally kicks his partner out. Christmas is only two weeks away, and he finds himself traveling by motorcycle up the eastern coast line. Everything changes suddenly when he meets Chandler, a waiter at a Florida City restaurant. Oak insists he's not interested in the guy, but he's drawn to his unique perspective on life, even if his enthusiasm for Christmas is overwhelming.

However, Oak hasn't seen his family since his father kicked him out eleven years ago. Chandler thinks it's time to visit Oak's mother and sisters, so when Oak asks him to travel together, they embark on a path to redemption and a new, healthy love for one another.

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Jan 03, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Get ready to ride! Oak is riding his bike to his home. He's estranged from his family when he came out of the closet. With his father passing away, he would like to reconnect with his mother and sisters. Debating on if he would be accepted, he stops by a restaurant and meets the charming Chandler.

Chandler is a sexy guy who is ready to ride away at any moment. Meeting Oak is kismet. This short story is tightly written with characters that are engaging. The history of both men makes them more likeable. The story smoothly switches into a tasty light kinky flavour which I found hot. Ms. Ice is clearly descriptive in her scenes and the reader should get ready for a little voyeuristic action!

This is a heartwarming story of family reconnections and new found love. This kinky twist around the handlebars tale is highly recommended to m/m readers who enjoy a Merry Christmas story.
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