Serengeti Heat

Vivi Andrews
Serengeti Heat
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
June 2009
Book 1 of Serengeti Shifter Series
Erotic Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

The fur's about to fly…

A Sexy Shifter story.

Ava Minor is done being the good girl. As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape-shifting lions where size and strength rule, she's never had any choice but to toe the line. Now, with sexy, nomadic alpha Landon King winning control of the pride, she grabs her one chance to let her inner feline out to play.

Landon would rather focus on reforming the antiquated traditions of his new pride than taking a mate…until the rebellious Ava crosses his path. All his noble intentions go up in flames, incinerated by the heat she exudes—especially when he realizes she's in heat.

Ava, knowing she isn't mate material, is determined to revel in one wild night before she's sent back to her place in the pride pecking order.

Except Landon has no intention of letting his daring, seductive lioness go…

Warning: This book contains sizzling heat, adult language, no-holds-barred cat fights, and hot shifter lovin' with an alpha male who takes inspired leadership all the way to the bedroom.

Book Review by Shana Rea (reviewer)
Oct 09, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Fabulously well-done lion shifter story, full of heat and romance!

Ava Minor is secretly in love with Landon King, the alpha of her pride, for months. However, buoyed by her own insecurities, she avoids him, thinking he'd never notice a small lioness like her.

Landon doesn't know Ava existed, until the night her heat draws him, and all he could think of is to make her his. She may be good for a tumble, but when it comes time for him to pick a lioness as mate, who would he choose?

Serengeti Heat is a fabulously well-done lion shifter story, full of heat and romance. I have to admit, it's Ava's angst that drew me in, and the thought of a small beta lioness felling a powerful alpha male like Landon is darn nigh impossible to resist. Happily, Vivi Andrews is a master at her craft, and Serengeti Heat keeps me on a contented afterglow for hours after I finished reading it.

Though Ava is a beta, she's not a pushover, and we see the sparks in her personality that caused Landon to admire her. Yet, the pride holds fast to traditional ways and values. How could Landon convince the pride that the mate of his heart is good for the group and their progress? I won't tell you, since that will spoil the story for you.

The one thing that bothered me in this otherwise perfect story is the return of the two malcontents. I feel that that scene could've been handled in a more satisfactory manner. However, this small thing is not enough to hinder my enjoyment in reading this story. This is a short, fun read that is good for that two hours—or three—in the afternoon when you're bored and want to find some exciting story to read.
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