Rent-A-Husband, Inc

Moira Reid
Rent-A-Husband, Inc
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Loose Id
Release Date
November 2010
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Crete Gannon witnesses his brother's murder and finds himself next on the hit list of a killer notorious for eliminating witnesses under police protection. He discovers the perfect place to hide, a location no one would think to look for him -- Rent A Husband, Inc. His plan is simple: he'll work under a false identity, cloistered safely away inside some anonymous, lonely, old lady's house then put his brother's killer away when he testifies at the trial.

But Tasha Henslow, a bed and breakfast owner whose building faces foreclosure, is not lonely and she's not old. Nor, unfortunately, is she anonymous. He can get the work done while avoiding the killer, but not if she recognizes him. How long until she remembers the perfect night they spent together before she left him in a cold bed alone?

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 27, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The perfect feel good book to enjoy this holiday season.

What do a priest, a nun, a mobster and two folks who can't keep their hands off each other have in common? One heck of a sweet ride with just enough tension to keep readers on edge. In my opinion, Rent-A-Husband, Inc. has mass appeal. The pace is strong with plenty of conflict and a steady barrage of "Oh my goodness. I didn't see that coming." The story line is clever and the characters have plenty of depth and more than enough hubba-hubba to satisfy those carnal cravings of romance readers everywhere.

Tasha Henslow was facing foreclosure on her bed and breakfast before it even opened. Crete Gannon is on the run from his brother's murderer, trying to survive to testify at his trial. In an effort to solve both of their problems, their friend Sage, owner of Rent-A-Husband, Inc. hooks Crete up with Tasha as a carpenter for RAH. Crete will do home repairs in exchange for a place to stay.

Crete recognized Tasha instantly. The woman of his dreams, he searched high and low for her after their one night stand. Tasha thinks he looks familiar, but between the antihistamines and the beer she drank, her one embarrassing blip in her past is foggy at best. Now Crete has two weeks to fix up the old house, outsmart a mobster, and woo the love of his life. Not to worry, he's totally up to the challenge.

Crete and Tasha had chemistry immediately. I enjoyed watching Tasha try to figure out how he could seem so familiar. When the truth finally came out, the chemistry finally combusted. I'm surprised the walls were still standing. There were just enough I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you moments to feel the attraction, yet the relationship didn't overwhelm the story. The author included plenty of suspense to balance the blossoming love.

The nun had to be the best. Although her part was short, it was one of the most memorable scenes. The choice to add that brief little sojourn really added immensely to the story overall. It gave Crete more depth and clearly demonstrated their love for each other without even having to use words.

As the holidays approach and we are looking for something warm and fun to read by the fire, this is a great choice. Enjoy!
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