Elle's Seduction

Abby-Rae Rose
Elle's Seduction
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Breathless Press
Release Date
January 2014
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

Elle is a ho-hum girl next door; sweet, voluptuous, and quiet until she learns about her own sexuality and power.

Elle is a ho-hum girl next door; sweet voluptuous, and quiet until she learns about her own sexuality and power. The world opens up to her and she finally takes control and stops letting others walk all over her. Especially, a tall, dark and handsome man with strong sex-appeal, named Maxwell Stranton.

Will she get the man? Or maybe, just maybe... she'll want more than he could ever give her.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Jan 22, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Can a dominant Master, who meets a sexy but proper southern belle at his brother's company, lure the lady to a Nashville BDSM club and tempt her to be his submissive? He's certain he can with the help of his best friend and their tried and true methods of seductive manipulation. But can a Master keep his own heart from becoming bound up by a lady who unexpectedly confounds him with her southern charm and enticing innocence?

Quietly efficient analyst Elle Norton has dealt with more than her fair share of heartache and hardships. To stay focused on her dream of moving to California to become an actress, she needs the promotion her shiftless boss has been dangling over her like a carrot. But when Maxwell Stranton and Darren Miller arrive to audit the company books, Elle has to cover for her boss or risk her chances of being promoted. Both Maxwell and Darren are efficient but flirty, so Elle reciprocates their attentions, not knowing the two company auditors are also business partners in a local Nashville BDSM club or that Maxwell has her pegged as a potential submissive. As the men put their plans for Elle into play, Maxwell suddenly finds Elle is an itch he's become obsessed with scratching, but only on his terms.

ELLE'S SEDUCTION is a sexy read with several detailed scenes of kink and BDSM, as well as some darkly emotional undertones involving secondary characters. I confess that I struggled with the first three chapters because the POV seemed to swing so much between Maxwell and Darren that I wasn't always sure who was speaking the dialogue, but once it was firm in my mind who was who, the story moved along rather seamlessly.

I loved Elle's interactions with her elderly neighbor Garfield, as this helped showcase her compassion and inner strength, and the angst and subtle longing between Darren and administrative assistant Luke was quite poignant and left me hoping they would eventually find happiness together. Insights into Maxwell were less forthcoming and I felt that knowing more about his background and why he chose to be a dominant would have enhanced this story for me. Ms. Rose is an up and coming author to watch and those who enjoy a depth of detail in their kink are sure to enjoy ELLE'S SEDUCTION.
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