Hearts of the Hunted

Kathleen Tudor
Hearts of the Hunted


Storm Moon Press
Release Date
December 2012
Alternate Universe, LGBTQ

All Camille wants is to continue the mission of the new Underground Railroad, to get Transformed—those who have developed superhuman abilities—out of the embattled Midwest and into Canada where they can live free. But that's before she's saddled with Hannah, who was raped and Transformed by a rogue criminal that the police refuse to acknowledge even exists. The women have no alternative but to team up to stop the menace, each for their own reasons. Through danger and fear, Camille and Hannah play a high stakes game to bring their adversary to justice. And they find themselves growing closer than either imagined possible, in the process. Now each must face her greatest fears in order to bring a serial rapist to justice, protect the Transformed community, and get back to their lives. Or maybe, chart a new path, together.
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