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Crimson Romance
Release Date
February 2013
Book 1 of Degrees of Darkness
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Dallas homicide detective Remy LeBeau trusts no one. He hides from a past that could kill him and anyone involved with him. What he's not prepared for is the return of an elusive serial killer . . . and an unwanted desire to protect a witness at all costs.

Professional barrel racer Cody Lewis's dream of being top in the nation is within reach until she discovers a murdered woman in her horse trailer. The event pulls her into the sickening world of the Rodeo Sweethearts serial killer—a madman who terrorized Dallas's rodeo circuit five years prior and is now back for more. But what's worse is that Cody fits the profile of the Rodeo Sweetheart victims. . . .

As Remy dives into the investigation, he uncovers secrets of a botched investigation and a tight-lipped boss, while attracting unwanted attention from the killer. Battling his partner, his attraction to Cody, and the demons of his past, catching the killer could cost Remy everything. Even Cody's life.

Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jan 31, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Rodeo Sweetheart killer is bringing horrific memories for Homicide Detective Remy LeBeau of his wife's murder. Cody Lewis finding a body in her trailer also brought memories of her mother's death. Will Remy be able to rescue Cody from the killer when she is kidnapped?

The mystery of who really is Remy LeBeau is intriguing and mind boggling. It makes you wonder what or from whom he is running from. All you know in the beginning is that he moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Dallas, Texas. He has been in Texas for about 5 years and has been detective for about 2 years. But something happened with powerful people and his wife was murdered. Now he is investigating a serial killer that is back and has resumed killing woman with red hair and blue or green eyes. Now a spitfire cowgirl has found a body in her trailer and she is now possibly the serial killer's target.

Cody Lewis is also a mystery but you get to know her a little bit more than Remy. She is a young woman that lost her mother in a vehicle accident. I love her personality; she takes nobody's crap and will say what she feels except when it comes to Remy, at times. There is something going on between them but neither of them wants to confirm it but Remy thinks he can tell her what to do. Well, he can think again.

It is known that Remy is hiding something from his past but he has buried it so deep that he believes no one will find out the truth. His partner, Anderson, makes him aware that if he can't confide in him then maybe he can't trust him with his life. To make matters worse, his partner also lets him know that if he can't confide in Cody, he just might lose her too.

RELENTLESS is an intensely suspenseful book that will have you turning the pages wanting to know who the killer is, as well as find out who Remy really is and what is he running from. It seemed that almost at every turn of the page, someone else was found murdered or Remy and Cody were either cozy together or bickering. The pace was a little slow but it was needed in order to be familiar with the setting, the characters and the secrets that the two main characters have. The chemistry between Remy and Cody is intense and powerful.

I was surprised at how this story just grabs me and didn't let me go. I truly wanted to read it nonstop, but I just couldn't if I wanted to be coherent in the morning. I just loved the banter between Cody and her best friend JC; at times, it was like if there was something more between them. I truly wanted to scream at someone when I reached the end because I wanted more; I could not believe where it ended.

I can't wait until the next book, Retribution, comes out! RELENTLESS totally left me hanging with so many questions unanswered and I truly want to know what is in the letter that Cody's mom left her. (A letter that her mom wrote before she died) I'm so glad that the Rodeo Sweetheart Serial Killer was found out but what's next for Remy and Cody? What is their story? What happened in the past? Pick up this book today and experience the intense ride in finding the brutal killer. Oh and believe me I will be looking forward to the next book in the Degrees of Darkness series.
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