Designs on the Carpet Layer

Gina Duncan
Designs on the Carpet Layer
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date
December 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Shyann Ellsworth is a beautiful, hardworking interior designer who believes her work is more important than love, passion, or a family, so she believes she's met the perfect man until the one who really heats her blood comes back into her life. Now, all she has to do is manage to escape her crazy ex, who's decided he doesn't want to let her go. Will she be able to have the life she wants with the man she wants, or will her ex destroy all her dreams?

Jesse Hartley is tired of one-night stands and women who just want him for his money. When he starts a new job, he's surprised to see the one woman who's turned him down at every opportunity and the one woman he wants more than anything. Just when he thinks life is going good, an old enemy decides to rear his ugly head.

Adult Excerpt
"You look very beguiling crawling across the bed that way. Do you know how badly I want to be buried deep inside the sweetest pussy I've ever known? Do you know how much I wish we could just stay in bed making love every day and night? I can't get enough of you, Shy. I can't keep my hands, or lips off you. I want to touch and kiss you every time I'm near you, and when you're away from me I dream of the moment you'll be back next to me."
The deep drawl of his voice lulled her into a sense of euphoria. The way he was looking at her only intensified the feeling. She moved off the bed as she made her way toward him. Rising up on her tiptoes, she kissed his lips, his cheek, and caressed down his chest, her lips following. She knelt down before him, pushing his hand away to replace it with her own as she smiled up at him, and then leaned in to suckle him hard and deep. He groaned deep in his chest as he threw his head back.
Jesse pulled her up from the floor. He lifted her into his arms and moved them back to the bed. He eased her down on the mattress and she watched with fascination as he rolled a condom on and then moved between her legs. She was still amazed that he actually found condoms to fit his huge cock. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders then held onto her hips as he plunged inside her wet pussy.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Feb 06, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you favor contemporary romances featuring a sexy hero, an independent-minded heroine, lots of pent up desire, and a dose of relationship jeopardy, Gina Duncan's DESIGNS ON THE CARPET LAYER is a sexual sizzler that will allow you to indulge your reading interests.

Atlanta interior designer Shyann Ellsworth loves her job but not her boyfriend. She knows deep down that Bryce, the attorney she's been dating for a year, isn't a guy she could ever marry but the relationship is rather comfortable. When she starts a new design project while Bryce is out of town, she suddenly finds she's once again being pursued by carpet layer Jesse Hartley, whom she'd repeatedly rebuffed before she began seeing Bryce.

Jesse is drool worthy and Shyann now can't seem to resist his magnetism no matter how hard she tries, but she won't consider going out with him until she ends things with Bryce. Unfortunately, Bryce is determined to marry Shyann and will do whatever it takes to get Jesse out of the picture.

DESIGNS ON THE CARPET LAYER moves at a nice pace. The writing and dialogue are crisp, and the plot really held my interest. Jesse is a hero that could fulfill any woman's fantasies and the chemistry between him and Shyann really builds at such a tempo that it's hard to put this book down. Both Bryce and Jesse have a few secrets unknown to Shyann, but the author introduces them slowly so that they don't detract from the elemental want that's fairly singeing Jesse and Shyann each time they encounter one another.

Gina Duncan gets good marks from me on this steamy romance with a happy ending and I look forward to reading more of her books.
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