Embracing Her Demon

Melissa Hosack
Embracing Her Demon
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
October 2012
Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Overwhelmed with the pressure of being an emergency room doctor and distraught over a bad day, Chloe Daniels summons a demon to punish her for the loss of life at her hands. She expects a grotesque and evil being. What she gets is a hot-blooded, sensual man who sees her for the good person she truly is.

Ballan, her demon, doles out the type of punishment he feels is required. With a table full of random kitchen items masking as sex toys, he shows her that not every situation is under her control. He uses deliciously wicked and depraved sex to drive this point home.

At the conclusion of their encounter, Chloe doesn't feel abused. She feels sated and happy. It is impossible to deny that their connection goes way beyond mere sex. She realizes she could love this man. But as his nature attests, Ballan has darker secrets lurking. Can she learn to accept Ballan and the danger that comes with him? Or is the reality too frightening for her to handle?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Feb 08, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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EMBRACING HER DEMON is the erotic story of Chloe Daniels discovering that punishments can actually be quite enjoyable- especially when delivered by a sexy demon.

When Chloe, a successful doctor, losses a few emergency room patients, she feels she needs to be punished. She jokingly reads a demon summons from a book belonging to her roommate. Chloe is shocked when an actual demon shows up in her home. But this demon, Ballan, is not the horned, ugly creature of myth that Chloe was expecting.

I very much enjoyed the passion and the way the author used it as a release for bottled up emotions. I also enjoyed the small pieces of humor that the author cleverly weaved into the story. However, this story needs to be expanded. I had a hard time believing the relationship between the characters because of too many unanswered questions. Chloe and Ballan laughed about all of Chloe's preconceived notions about demons, but when she asked for clarification, there was rarely an answer. Despite her lack of knowledge and Ballan's hesitations to educate her, she is fully on board with jumping into a serious relationship. The common curse of the short story is that the plot has to quickly move along.

Despite a rushed plot and not enough relationship development, the story was hot and humorous, which is a combination many authors cannot successfully write.
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