Sex Drive

Susan Lyons
Sex Drive
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Kensington Aphrodisia
Release Date
December 2009
Book 1 of Wild Ride to Love
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When Dr. Theresa Fallon meets a long, lean stranger in business class, she's suddenly ready for anything. There's something about Damien Black that makes her want to surrender immediately...

Which is why she accepts Damien's spontaneous offer of a sizzling getaway. All in the name of research, of course. And once the pretty professor slips between the sheets with this hard-bodied man of mystery, she discovers the meaning of the term erotic pleasure. . .

Book Review by Shana Rea (reviewer)
Sep 26, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Characters that wrap around your heart, sizzling passion, a true romance. What's not to love?

Sex Drive truly is one Wild Ride to Love! The title alone tells me this book is gonna be one yummy read.

As I understand it, the four books in the series will feature a particular type of transportation wherein the characters will meet and mayhem--delicious ones, that is--ensues. In Sex Drive, the characters are seatmates on the long flight to Honolulu and our sexy hero initiates the heroine into the mile-high club.

Damien Black makes a sexy hero because he doesn't have any angst. Although angsty heroes make for tortured, conflicted, compelling characters, it's very refreshing to read a hero who doesn't have much baggage. He's easy-going and fun and I love his banter with Theresa, how he makes her feel at ease and how he appreciates her. Truthfully, Damien is a very easy man to fall in love with, not to mention that he possessed the requisite gorgeous hero looks. He said and did all the right things to make a girl's heart melt, and the best is that he's sincere about it. To top that, he's voted one of the top 10 sexiest bachelors in Australia (reminds me of Hugh Jackman). Theresa is one lucky woman indeed!

On the other hand, Dr. Theresa Fallon is a genius who got her PhD when she was twenty-two! (gulp) All work and no play, she's a control freak, likes to do things by herself as other people's work standards aren't up to hers, and Damien is just what she needs to loosen up. It's fun seeing her have fun and gaining confidence in herself with everything Damien does and says. And did I mention that Damien is such a sexy guy?

Though the intimate scenes were hot and plenty, the author takes us through the characters' progressing feelings about himself/herself and with each other in every scene such that the intimate acts don't come across as gratuitous. For me, the first few pages started out as slow with Theresa (in the first POV) in a monologue explaining how she came to be at the airport looking through bridal magazines, but once she's on the plane and found out that Damien's her seatmate, the book takes off.

And it's one wild ride, for both the characters and the reader. I like the way the Damien and Theresa gradually developed feelings for one another, fraught with all the highs and joys, doubts and uncertainties of a new romance. Like how Damien found himself floundering, wanting to say the right words at the right time, because it mattered now in the way it didn't before. I also like the way they helped each other to grow and expand beyond what they already are into better persons.

Susan Lyons is an amazing storyteller, creating characters that wrap around your heart. She really set Theresa up for the "big fall" (you have to read it and see), but I'm glad to see the issue resolved without employing the "big misunderstanding" trope and move on to the next. It made for an action-packed, tension-filled read. A true fairy tale for the romantic at heart. The next book in the series is Love, Unexpectedly and I can't wait to get it in April!

A note for readers: The book is written partly from the first person point of view (Theresa's) and third person point of view (Damien's) in alternating chapters, except for the grand finale/conclusion, which is all Theresa's. Though I was disconcerted at first by this format, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the story.
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