In Love and War

Tara Mills
In Love and War

Sherman Hills Press
Release Date
April 2014
Contemporary Romance, Reality-Based Romance (TM), Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Ariela lost everything the day her dad was killed in the line of duty: her father, her home, her school, her friends. Unable to cope without the love of her life, her grief-stricken mom left her too. As a consequence, Ariela grew up wary of the deep passion her parents felt for one another. Since then, she's sabotaged every potential relationship she's had. To her, love means loss and heartache. No thanks.

After years of covering war zones, journalist Dylan Bond is home, though not without scars. Intimately acquainted with violence and sacrifice, he's battle fatigued and desperately needs a peaceful break to restore his faith in humanity.

​When an accident literally sweeps Ariela off her feet and into Dylan's arms, there is no turning back. But does she have the courage to love a man destined to return to his risky profession, or will her fear of following in her mother's tragic footsteps become the wedge that drives them apart forever?


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