Twin Sense

Lydia Sharp
Twin Sense
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Musa Publishing
Release Date
November 2012
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult Romance

As girlfriends of the Taylor twins, Layna and Sherri have only been friends by association. But when Sherri breaks up with Keith (for real this time), and Kevin gives Layna a promise ring (whoa, what?), Layna's whole world spins off balance. She avoids Kevin's unwelcome pressure to commit by spending more time with Sherri.

Without the twins around, Layna and Sherri are tempted to go beyond friendship status. Then Keith tries to win Sherri back, and Kevin apologizes for rushing Layna. Now she's stuck inside a love quadrangle that has her reaching for the consolation cheesecake. The only way to sort out this mess is to make an impossible choice—between the one she wants and the other one she wants—or she might end up with no one.

Book Review by KJane (reviewer)
Sep 07, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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TWIN SENSE by Lydia Sharp is a funny, charming coming-of-age short story. This will have you giggling, tearing up and, for the older audience, thinking back to your high school days with all the beautiful mishaps that went with it. TWIN SENSE is for readers who enjoy short YA books with a GLBT twist that leaves a smile on your face and your heart warmed.

Layna is dating Kevin, a wealthy Taylor twin. Kevin's brother, Keith, is dating Sherri when he isn't romping around with other girls. Kevin seems like a great match for Layna, especially in comparison to bad boy Keith who has let Sherri down one too many times. However, things start to get complicated for Layna when Kevin surprises her with a special gift at their high school's spring formal. This gift put Layna in a bind where she will have to make a tough choice, and fast! Unfortunately, Layna's choice won't be easy when all she can think about is Sherri. What will Layna do and how will her choice affect everybody else?

I have to say this story really struck a chord with me. In just a short number of pages, this story brought real characters to life and explained in a beautiful yet comical way how confusing coming of age can be. Even though the characters were set in a common backdrop (high school) and given stereotypical backgrounds (the wealthy, attractive twins, the alleged school slut, the confused virgin), there was something so real and unique about each one of them.

This is a cute story that gets to the core of what it's like for a young girl to make some "adult" decisions and discover herself in the process. I enjoyed this story immensely and recommend it to all readers, but especially to those who love humorous yet thoughtful pieces with GLBT themes.
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