Fatal Promise

Kelly Gendron
Fatal Promise
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Siren~BookStrand, Inc
Release Date
March 2013
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

When Rainey Ann McKenna's dying husband asked her always to be there for his brother, Tex McCoy, she had no idea that five years later her promise would bring a murderer into her home. According to the conditions of his release, for the next three months Tex will be on house arrest. Obligated by a promise, Rainey Ann takes the gorgeous but dangerous felon in.

Tex McCoy may have gone to jail for murder, but after a decade of being incarcerated, he too is dead inside. Resurrecting any of Tex's feelings—including the ones he once had for Rainey Ann McKenna—could be fatal. In jail, he fantasized about Rainey Ann. Behind steel bars it was acceptable to think of her in such a way, but in the real world, it's dangerous.

Yet as desire awakens, Rainey Ann's threat heightens. After years of being locked up, Tex is ready to reclaim some control, and his fantasy woman is only a touch away.

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
May 09, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Is there such a thing as rehabilitation? Can past mistakes be forgotten? Can two emotionally scarred and hardened individuals find a way into each other's hearts? These questions and more are explored in FATAL PROMISE.

It was a total shock to everyone when the good and considerate McCoy twin, Tex, went to prison for murder. Now Tex is being paroled and the only person who is willing to take him in is his twin's widow, Rainey. If it were up to her, Rainey would have nothing to do with Tex, but she promised his brother, her husband, on his death bed that she would always be there for Tex.

While Rainey and Tex started out as friends things changed when Rainey became more involved with and attracted to Tex's twin, Austin. Now that Austin is gone and Tex is moving in with Rainey, she is not sure if he can be trusted, but she always keep her promises. As Tex and Rainey get reacquainted with one another, neither of them can hide their attraction for one another; but they both question the motives of the attraction. Long held family secrets are revealed, only complicating the relationship between Tex and Rainey, and Rainey's son, Cody.

My favorite part of this book was that it continuously caught me off guard. There were some plot points that were pretty standard and followed the expected path, but there were twists and turns along the way that kept me fully engaged. Tex and Rainey were compelling and entertaining characters to read about. These two strong-willed, stubborn, and confused individuals can't figure out where their attraction to one another is coming from or how to react to said attraction. One thing is certain--the attraction is strong.

However, Rainey doesn't want to get hurt by another man and Tex doesn't feel he deserves to be loved after what he did. To add to their strained relationship, family skeletons start creeping out of the closet, and the author revealed these secrets in unique and unapparent ways. Now Tex and Rainey have to decide if the truth will set them free or if the damage and scars it has left are permanent.

The emotional roller coaster ride this book took me on was great!
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