Lovedust and Trailblazers

Davee Jones
Lovedust and Trailblazers
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A Secret Craving Publishing
Release Date
November 2012
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western Romance

Young Marine, Josiah Samuels, was sent home from the Korean Conflict and honored with a Purple Heart for the shrapnel wounds across his chest. Although he proudly served his country, he lived on a daily basis haunted by the sights and sounds of warfare.

As a cattle rancher, he raised stock for local rodeos and lived a simple life of solitude. But, the loneliness and the void the war created in his chest began to overwhelm him.

Then, because of a "cow emergency", he met Minnie Mitchell, a spitfire neighboring rancher who finished veterinary school in a time when few women were even admitted to University veterinarian programs. She faced her own obstacles in running her family's cattle operation and finding a job as a vet in stereotypical 1950's Oklahoma.

Minnie passionately rattled Josiah's world in ways he previously only dreamed. Now, together, these Trailblazers must find a way to keep Minnie close to the family ranch…and Josiah's loving arms.


Book Review by CozyReader (reviewer)
Jul 24, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOVEDUST AND TRAILBLAZERS was based in the 1950's where women could vote but were still frowned upon when they decided to do a "man's job". Minnie met an intriguing man when she asked for help to save her pet cow from a muddied pond. Josiah met a woman he thought was beautiful. That is when they both had the same thought about reaching thirty and still had not met the person they were destined to be with.

This is a story of a young man by name of Josiah Samuels who fought in the Korean War and now he is back at his ranch in Oklahoma. He is trying to fit back into life without the military and trying to live. He still gets startled when he hears a loud noise but now he is trying to deal with feelings for a woman. Josiah has seen so much death; he saw his fellow troops die basically in front of him. Now he is living with his little brother, Zeke, tending to his family ranch. At times when he feels like he's back in Korea, he goes out into the open area and just feels his surroundings and that makes him feel like he is no longer in hell.

Minnie Mitchell is a woman veterinarian who had to make herself known in a man's world, in a man's job. While the men were off fighting for our country, Minnie was out in Texas taking care of animals at a ranch. She was known for not minding getting dirty, but still, the Texas College wouldn't take her in when she wanted to study to become a Veterinarian. Since Texas would not take her, she was able to study in Oklahoma, but only after some major convincing. Now she is living in a ranch with her father beside the Cattle Company Ranch. She has tried to get a job with the local veterinary clinic, but because she was a woman, she has a hard time doing so.

LOVEDUST AND TRAILBLAZERS is a well-written historical romance that makes you think of how things were back in the 1950's. It also gives you a history lesson of the Rodeo's. I had no clue that there was such a thing as a prison rodeo. The author did a good job in developing these characters and making them feel so real. This book brought a smile to my face several times during the read because of the interaction between Josiah and Minnie. I liked that I was able to get to know Minnie and Josiah even if their relationship started off a little fast. The loves scenes were tender and hot. I felt for Josiah because when he was around Minnie, he finally felt at peace. It seems that they were made for each other to seek comfort and love. You never know what God has in store for you, especially at times when you think you have nothing left in you.

I loved how the author described the Oklahoma terrain. Especially your typical summer storm that comes out of nowhere, when you can smell the wet dirt, you can feel the rumble of the thunder, the lightning that lights up the sky. Then of course you have those slimy slithers that like to eat their prey whole.

LOVEDUST AND TRAILBLAZERS is a wonderful read. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and fell in love with him. Now I just hope there will be a happily ever after for Zeke and Bernice; I think that would be a great book.
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