White-Hot and Hard

Catherine Chernow
White-Hot and Hard
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
August 2010
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Indecent proposal. Indecent wishes. And revenge that will make it all come true…

Sloan Benton, a New York art promoter, has built her name in art world. After she receives a mail, an invite to see erotic sculptures of Dallen O'Neal, all she will want is to be his representative and to be in his bed. And there she will be surprised, when she realizes how much she loves D/s play and spanking. And Dallen is very willing to give her all.

Dallen O'Neal waited for years on his reunion with Sloan Benton. His plan for revenge went perfectly, until he started understanding his feelings, his passion, and when he realized he doesn't want ever to let her go.

In an exciting erotic story, with deception, love and little game of domination, will they survive when the truth comes out?

Book Review by Eta
Dec 06, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Rules should not be broken... unless you yearn for punishment...

In the perfect world of Sloan Benton, nothing can go wrong, until in walks a perfect stranger, artist and man who will shatter her world. One mistake from the past will change their lives, and it will be on them to decide whether they can forgive.

Catherine Chernow introduces us to the harsh New York art world. In order to survive in it, Sloan Benton maintains her image of very cold, dominant and successful businesswoman. Dallen O'Neal is an artist who will stop at nothing to succeed and to avenge his wounded ego. Between two very similar people will arise an indecent proposal that will bring them together in a unique way.

In light of the game of domination, Sloan recognize her self, her needs and wants. She gives herself in full and shows her true strength as she surrenders to her needs without any prejudice. She believes that she has found a man who can satisfy all her needs, in and out of bed. Her character slowly develops. In the beginning she does not show any weakness, but as we read on, we get to meet the real Sloan Benton, and we get to know her weaknesses and fears. Then you begin to appreciate even more her strength and courage. Facing her past mistake, she faces her remorse of past acts. By the end of the book, I developed great respect for her character.

Dallen, unlike Sloan, was developed too slowly. From the very beginning, he is presented as a bitter man. Throughout the book, from the beginning almost until the very end, his emotions are not clear. You can see how his emotions are intertwined: passion, anger, jealousy, love, repentance... He finds himself next to Sloan, and you can see conflict in him. Whether to restore the injured ego, or recover a broken heart. Presented as a raw and intense man, he does not change until the very end of the book. In some ways it is his charm. But if we take into account that Sloan is attracted, from the very beginning, exactly to those very characteristics, Dallen may be accepted as just such - dominant, intense, raw, stubborn and totally sexy.

What is the most developed in the book is their relationship. The relationship development progressed nicely, and it is great to see their internal and external struggle for those they crave and what they think is right. I found myself cheering for them to throw out the right thing out the window and to indulge in what they crave.

Passion connects them from the start, a passion that flares up between them very fast and gets the reader involved in a game of domination and submission and does not allow you to drop the book until the end. It becomes clear why Sloan wants a strong man to dominate her, and to give her her favorite punishment - spanking - and why Dallen intensely wants to dominate over her. What began as a game between them helps them find their deepest erotic desires.

Both characters are very complex, with a complicated past, but I feel they're too complicated characters for this short story. However, the author's writing flows and is easy to read.

Ms Chernow also made up for rapid development of the story by showing us the two main characters' lives from both their viewpoints, enabling us to know them in a deeper way and sympathize with them. The book is filled with very intense erotic scenes, and after every scene, you quickly want to get to the next one, though I also wanted the story to slow down and just enjoy in it. It was that good!

A good introduction, an excellent outcome with too short ending. If you want a great erotic story with inspirational characters that you will love, great dialogue and a book that is not too tedious - this is the book for you.
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