Your Money or Your Life

Marie Medina
Your Money or Your Life
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
January 2013
Book 2 of Tales of the Highwaymen
Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, LGBTQ

When Jacob fell moving a portrait in the museum where he worked, he was worried about damaging it. He never imagined he would fall into it and wake up in another dimension. Though his day does start to improve when a sexy masked man rides to his rescue…

Gerard thought his friends Adam and Eloise would be the enchanted portrait's only victims, but when he finds a gorgeous but bewildered young man wandering in the woods, he realizes how wrong he was. Now he has to enlist the help of a man he can't stand to put a stop to the magic, even though he'd much rather be spending that time in the arms of the sexy man now sharing his home.

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Mar 16, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Being a gentleman of the highway can certainly make life interesting in the land of Melara, and so can a godmother when she casts her spells on the unwary.

Gerard is a highwayman with a heart of gold. Like Robin Hood, he takes from the rich, albeit they are willing, and gives to those less fortunate. Having been crossed in love, he finds himself given a second chance at happiness when the enchanted portrait of the king's nephew transports another unsuspecting victim named Jacob into the alternate dimension of Melara.

For both Gerard and Jacob, the attraction is instantaneous and their nights fulfilling. However, when Theodore, the king's nephew, shows an interest in Gerard, Jacob suddenly feels jealousy rear its ugly head. But Theodore's portrait isn't the only enchanted painting in Melara, so Jacob may find it's not so hard to win the heart of a highwayman who was once crossed in love.

Building upon the Tales of the Highwaymen series that began with Stand and Deliver, Marie Medina seamlessly switches from a heterosexual couple finding love into the realm of a budding relationship between gay man of the road, Gerard, and Jacob; a quiet twenty-something who is pulled into a strange world that's a mix of the past and an alternate reality universe.

This is a light, entertaining read that offers more insight into the characters of Gerard and Theodore, and ends with an intriguing paranormal twist that is sure to keep fans of this series curious to know what will happen in Ms. Medina's next intertwined offering. At 37 pages, this Romance on the Go offering is sure to entertain during a relaxing bit of downtime at home or while taking a break from your workday.
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