Bound by Lies

S. E. Gilchrist
Bound by Lies
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S. E. Gilchrist
Release Date
February 2013
Book 2 of a Bound Erotic Fantasy
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance

Set in the ancient, pagan days where myths and magic existed side-by-side with the mortal world, comes Bound by Lies, the second book in an erotic, historical romance series.

After trudging from battlefield to battlefield in the footsteps of the Fomorian army, Aileen is desperate to have a home far from the horrors of war. She will do anything to achieve her goals. Even lie to the kin and people of her newly deceased husband.

But lies are nothing compared to drugging a pixie king and stealing his memory...and his seed.

When Ioducus returns to the hill fort, Tranelleon, he discovers both a son he never knew he sired and forgotten memories of one wild night of ecstasy. Burning with a desire to teach Aileen a lesson she'll never forget, he soon realizes it is more than lust that drives him. Could this be the one woman who can lift his curse and gift him with true love?

But for one, lies are not so easily forgiven and Aileen may well lose everything she holds dear.

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
May 21, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BOUND BY LIES is scorching hot and interesting.

Aileen, a Fomorian, is in lust with Ioducus, king of the river pixies, but they parted years ago. She has made a prosperous life for herself since he last saw her. She has worked hard and made her land the envy of all.

Ioducus comes to visit after haunting dreams that keep him sleepless and frustrated. When he sees Aileen's son, he is struck by the likeness of the boy to himself. He suspects something is not right.

Aileen is afraid of the womanizing pixie king, because she thinks he only wants to steal her son. Years ago, she has betrayed her people and the pixie king, and she was told they were horrible and cruel to people who betrayed them. Even as her fears escalate, so does her lust for Ioducus.

Aileen is stubborn and proud and determined to not let her body rule her with its lust for the king. While Ioducus is charming, witty and lustful. His personality is like that of an arrogant aristocrat used to getting his way and will not be deceived. He is determined to seek revenge on this woman for her lies and for hiding his child from him. He is so arrogant but Aileen tortures him in his lust for her and brings him low.

There is a great deal of hot steamy sex and mind games in this story. It was very different kind of erotic romance set in a fae world.

I enjoyed the tale very much and give it five stars out of five for the creativeness and steamy characters. I look forward to more pixie tales.
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