Ash Jay


Chocolate Erotic Press
Release Date
January 2013
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Note: This book contains frequent, graphic descriptions of explicit sex between men.

Shaun Lawson is an overworked, stressed medical resident who enjoys no-strings sex with his best friend Brett and has no time for a relationship. All he can think about is finishing his training in Chicago's busiest hospital and finally becoming a surgeon. And of course, partying hard whenever he can find the time.

But when Brett brings sexy Chris home for a hot threesome, he can't help falling for him. Leave it to him to want someone out of his league, right? Chris is smart and successful. Not to mention so gorgeous he turns heads everywhere he goes. Twice. He's a little intimidating. Okay. More than a little. He could have anyone he wants. He's got it all together, just like everyone else Shaun knows.

Could he ever be interested in a guy like Shaun whose life is so chaotic? Shaun has never fallen in love before. Will he let Chris be the first to pierce through the walls of his heart so he can have what he truly wants, or will Shaun succumb to the constant pressure he finds himself under?
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