The Map Stick - The First Journey

Alp Mortal
The Map Stick - The First Journey


The Carter Seagrove Project LLC
Release Date
November 2013

‘The Map Stick – The First Journey' is the first three parts of The Map Stick series.

In part one, 'The Map Stick', Rane leaves his tribe to find answers. He is shunned by his people and his father is absent; no one will speak to him. He travels and happens across a valley where he stays to hunt and he meets War. War was abandoned in the valley as a child. Rane finds a stick that is carved and it looks like a map to a mountain cavern that holds a star and a fire. They wait out the Winter and then leave, determined to find the cavern and answers to their questions.

In part two, 'The Seeing Stone', Rane and War continue in their quest and hold to the path drawn on the map stick. In this part of the story, they meet their 'protectors'. The men are separated for a time and War is injured. The consequences of the injury will bring about the greatest change and the biggest test of their love for each other.

In part three, 'The Obsidian Eyed Hunter', the hunters find the cavern under the mountain. How they got there and what they find are nothing like they imagined, and perhaps, nothing like you were expecting either!

This is a love story. Neither hunter has loved before, neither has the vocabulary to describe it but love each other they most assuredly do. The journey is a metaphor for love and relationships as much as it is about a quest to find answers to questions and maybe ultimately to discover something amazing.

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