Hot Pursuit

Lorie O'Clare
Hot Pursuit
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St Martin's Paperbacks
Release Date
March 2013
Book 6 of Th Bounty Hunters
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Ben Mercy is a man with a past. Trying to start a new life with the KFA—an elite team of professional manhunters—he hopes to prove himself by capturing the most wanted man in America. But Ben isn't the only bounty hunter on the case. And the trail takes a deadly new turn when he's thrown by the curves—of a beautiful woman…

Zoey is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in California. A helpless pawn in her father's plan to merge two casinos through marriage, Zoey's been warned to stay away from the lowlife bounty hunters who've come to town. But when Zoey meets Ben, the attraction is too intense to ignore. And the closer they get, the higher the risk. With millions at stake—and a murderer in hiding—falling in love could be the biggest gamble of all…

Book Review by Rho (reviewer)
May 22, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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HOT PURSUIT is an action-packed romantic suspense novel that kept me going from beginning to end.

Ben Mercy is finally able to start his new life. Trying to move away from his troubled past, he is starting to work as a bounty hunter for King Fugitive Apprehension. However, KFA has had a little trouble of its own with one of their bounty hunters becoming the most wanted man in America. Not believing that his co-worker is as bad as he's being made out to be, Ben decides to put his bounty hunting skills to work by chasing after his former partner. Unfortunately, he's not the only person looking for this man. Trying to find his friend before anyone else can, he finds himself getting cozy with a beautiful spitfire who has troubles of her own.

Zoey Cortez is the daughter of the most dangerous man in town, and she knows that Ben Mercy showing up in town could cause trouble for her. However, she can not stay away from Ben. And as Ben's case gets more mysterious, he and Zoey get closer, which could be the most dangerous situation of all.

HOT PURSUIT starts with the mystery and suspense right away. With Ben looking for his friend, we're instantly taken into the world of KFA with a bounty hunter stalking and tracking to get his man.

Once Ben and Zoey meet, things get really interesting. The two have an insane amount of chemistry that results in sexual tension that is off the charts, and boy do I love that!

HOT PURSUIT is the sixth book in The Bounty Hunters series, but the book provides a lot of background information so it could easily be a standalone. I think that once you've read this book, you'll want to go back and read the stories of some of the other characters.

The thing that disappointed me about this book was that I didn't feel like Zoey and Ben's relationship got the development it needed or deserved. I liked both characters, was rooting for their relationship but honestly didn't feel like they got nearly enough time in the book. With the suspense and mystery of the book, there were side stories that detracted from the romance I wanted. I actually felt like two of the secondary characters got more of a love story than Ben and Zoey did and that disappointed me.

Other than that, I felt that HOT PURSUIT had a lot going for it: a great plot, tons of suspense, some extremely funny moments, and really endearing ones as well. And honestly, I felt like the plot left some story lines hanging so I'm hoping that we get some of those bounty hunters really soon!
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