Star of Wonder

Angel Payne
Star of Wonder
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Release Date
December 2012
Book 3 of The Kinky Truth
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Dante Tieri always looks forward to the Veterans Day bash he funds for the military personnel of the Chicago area. This year is no different, especially when he meets Lieutenant Celina Kouris, a Naval JAG officer who oddly can't care less about his clothes, his looks or his billion-dollar bank account.

It isn't easy for Celina to play nice with Dante, as she's watched wealthy playboys ruin the lives of two people she loves. Yet after the man proves himself as more than a stunning face, a luscious body, and a fat wallet, she lets him crack her composure for one night of hardcore passion—including the spanking and domination that turn her into a puddle of sexual goo.

Celina isn't the only one who thinks "mind-blowing sex" just got redefined. Dante is shaken by the needs Celina unleashes in him, and he consults with his best friend, Mark Moore, who opens up his world to the magic of Dominance and submission. But when Dante wants to explore more with Celina, her walls are back up, twice as high as before. As the holidays come, can Dante convince her that she really is his guiding star of wonder?

Book Review by Vixhen (reviewer)
Mar 12, 2013   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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STAR OF WONDER is pure fire!

Dante Tieri is successful, suave, and wealthy beyond words. He is used to attention from the female species and usually relishes it. However, at this year's Veteran's Day gala, which he hosts, his present company is boring him to tears. The night is almost a total loss until he lays eyes on Lt. Celina Kouris. Just the sight of her sends his libido into overdrive. All his attempts to charm her are lost on Celina as she sees him as just another rich playboy who thinks he can buy the world with his good looks and money. Her dismissal of him only makes him want her more. He soon finds that all Celina needs is just a little push, and she is literally putty in his hands.

But what Dante believes is the start of a beautiful thing, Celina sees as scratching a very sexy itch. This is just a one-time thing in her mind, but trying to resist the temptation that is Dante Tieri proves to be harder than she ever imagined. When his persistence leads Celina down a new sexual path, she finds herself torn. Can she give in to her newfound desires and let Dante lead her down the proverbial garden path? Or will she run away from him and leave the one man that's ever made her pulse race?

Dante Tieri is the perfect alpha male to Celina's alpha female. When these two meet, it's an instantaneous, hot, physical attraction. You can almost feel the heat sizzling off the pages. I don't think there is a female alive who wouldn't want a man like Dante hot for her. He is a sexy, magnetic character who stalks Celina like a panther, making you totally envious of her. I loved how he fought for her and pushed her limits.

Celina is a hot, somewhat regimented female who needs some spice in her life. She is totally not prepared for the force that is Dante Tieri. I loved all her mental talks with herself. Ms. Payne really captured the struggles that Celina had, which made her character totally human and totally relatable.

Ms. Payne has created a great series with memorable characters, and she keeps getting better with each installment. I find Ms. Payne's writing to be very credible, and her books are a joy to read. If you haven't started this series, what are you waiting for? You will not be disappointed.
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