Perpetual Family

Jamie Salisbury
Perpetual Family


Jamie Salisbury
Release Date
March 2013
Book 3 of Albert & Anne
Historical Novel with Romantic Elements, Western Romance

Albert and Anne have settled into married life with the birth of their first child not far off. While Albert naturally worries about Anne during the final months of her pregnancy and subsequent birth, Anne is still very much her own woman. She has to be in a landscape where men outnumber women. Especially around the Stuart men!
Yes, Anne and Albert are as stubborn as ever, but their love for each other is as solid as it was that first day.
Young William Stuart arrives and fast becomes the center of the entire Stuart clan. Albert and his family surround young William and Anne with an invisible barrier of protection; someone Anne and the baby should not need protecting from.
Not everything is a rosy as it seems. While Anne's father John may have accepted an important position in Washington D.C., he continues to meddle in Anne and Albert's life. John is like a man possessed. He won't rest until he has what he wants…at any cost!


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