The Weft - Journey to Deuxfleurs

Alp Mortal
The Weft - Journey to Deuxfleurs

Alp Mortal
Release Date
March 2013
Erotic Romance

Part 2 of The Weaver and the Loom follows Jason and Jonah as they head to Deuxfleurs, taking up Elam's invitation. It is a journey that tests their love. Jason struggles with the weight of his feelings as some of the horror of Jonah's incarceration is revealed. They meet Persia, the exotic partner of Jonah's merchant friend, Oswald, and Jason is confused by his attraction to the young man. Hitching a ride in the aeronaut's balloon, Jason and Jonah reach Deuxfleurs, the city by the ocean. They find work and are reunited with Elam, who reveals his part in the Squire's death. Elam's disclosure leads to unforeseen and tragic consequences and sets to the greatest test yet of Jason and Jonah 's love.


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