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Carrie's Answer
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Liquid Silver
Release Date
January 2008
Book 1 of The Worthington Group
BDSM, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

Carrie Anderson has loved her boss, Marcus Worthington, forever, but Marcus has never seen her as anything other than a trusted employee. Marcus, on the other hand, has given up on love after his malicious ex-wife dragged his name through the mud, exposing him to the public as a sexual Dom, nearly destroying his company and family in the process.

When Marcus sees Carrie at a local BDSM-themed club, he suddenly sees her in a different light. Uncomfortable with his intense desire for her, he decides the best course of action is to remove her from his life by firing her, but Carrie won't give him up without a fight. Since Marcus can't fire her without cause according to her contract, Carrie makes a deal with him: he must spend the weekend with her, training her to be a sexual submissive. If, at the end of the weekend he still wants her to go, she will resign without argument. The two plunge into a passionate weekend affair that changes them both forever. Can Carrie walk away at the end of two days? Can Marcus learn to trust enough to make her stay?

This contemporary erotic romance features ménage, a Big Beautiful heroine, and elements of BDSM, oral, anal, ménage.

Book Review by Michelle R
Dec 02, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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This is what they meant by erotic romance.

Carrie's Answer has all the elements of the traditional romance genre (tender, sweet, compelling characters struggling through some sort of hurdle to be together) but it has the BDSM and brief ménage (m/f/m) twist to add the erotic spice readers are looking for. Not the raw, edgy somewhat dark BDSM story I am used to, this one is loving and endearing.

Carrie Worthington has held a torch for her boss, Marcus Worthington, since going to work for him. For the past ten years, she stood by him through the highs and lows, especially the low point of his divorce when his ex-wife publicized his lifestyle as a Dom. Still, Marcus never sees her as anything other than his secretary. That is, until he spots her at the local BDSM-themed club. Unable to deal with his newfound lust he terminates her employment.

But Carrie fights back. She has a contract and if he wants out, he has to give her one weekend to be trained by him to be a submissive. And that's when the sparks turn into a roaring blaze.

Marcus has been hurt before, and I could relate to his desire to protect his heart and keep a barrier up. He's been the clueless fool one too many times and he keeps expecting Carrie to be the same. Poor Carrie has waited long enough and I love how she took the reins to claim her man. She wasn't going to let him chase her away. Whatever he wanted, she was there, submitting to all his needs and desires.

I think my favorite part was when he gave her a simple velvet collar to wear for the weekend and she just about melted. Me, too.

This story is the first in the series The Worthington Group. We did meet some other characters, but for the most part Carrie and Marcus dominated the action. The pacing was quick. The sex was written incredibly well. And the characters had undeniable chemistry. I've already bought books two and three, so clearly I'm sold on the series.

I enjoyed having a sweeter side to a BDSM story. I love my raw, dark, edgy characters, but this was a fun excursion. It's pretty much loving, sensual BDSM that would be easy tolerated by those unfamiliar with the genre. Enjoy!

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