Wolf Tracks

Vivian Arend
Wolf Tracks
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
October 2010
Book 4 of Granite Lake Wolves
Paranormal Romance

TJ Lynus is a legend in Granite Lake, both for his easygoing demeanor-and his clumsiness. His carefree acceptance of his lot vanishes, though, when his position as best man brings him face to face with someone he didn't expect. His mate. His very human mate. Suddenly, one thing is crystal clear: if he intends to claim her, his usual laid-back attitude isn't going to cut it.

After fulfilling her maid-of-honor duties, Pam Quinn has just enough time for a Yukon wilderness trip before returning south. The instant attraction between her and TJ tempts her to indulge in some Northern Delight, but when he drops the F-bomb--forever--she has second thoughts. In her world, true love is a fairytale that seldom, if ever, comes true.

Okay, so maybe staging a kidnapping wasn't TJ's best idea, but at least Pam has the good humor to agree to his deal. He'll give her all the northern exposure she can stand, and she won't break his kneecaps.

Now to convince her that fairytales can remake her world, and that forever is worth fighting for.

By popular demand: Clumsy sidekick wolf grows up, sarcasm reigns, and the wilderness gets wilder. Includes hot nookie in places you expect--like a remote cabin--and places you don't.

Book Review by Michelle R
Nov 19, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Completely addictive.

I am a huge Granite Lake Wolves fan, and the newest addition, Wolf Tracks, absolutely satisfied. These short novellas are perfect when you have a little peace and quiet and just want to escape into a fantasy full of hot men, strong women and a community where loyalty and love abounds. Full of humor, steamy hot monkey (or should I say wolfy?) sex, and plenty of tension, my time always slips away as I rejoin my pack for a few hours.

TJ, the Alpha's little brother, has always been the clumsy goof who everyone loves and counts on. With a heart as big as Canada, TJ longs to find the woman he was meant to share his love with forever.

Pam came to Granite Lake to celebrate her best friend's wedding, clueless that all those in attendance were wolf shifters. When the best man, TJ, bumps into her, she begins to tingle and the beginning of a connection is born. Of course TJ recognizes exactly what is happening, he's found his mate. What would normally be a simple, straightforward situation becomes complicated by the fact that Pam is human. Will she accept him?

TJ has always been the endearing one in the stories, so it is delightful to see him come into his own. Not only does he prove to be a competent protector, his keen intellect serves him well as he strategizes to prove to Pam that they belong together. It was nice to see Pam point out all his strengths when he is used to being the butt of many jokes.

There were so many endearing ways the two clicked, but I think my favorite was their easy humor and snarkiness with each other. And when that boy started singing for her…. *swoon*. It was such a delight to see big bad cop Pam fall hard for sweet TJ. But then who could resist a charming man with a perfect backside for long?

Although this is book four in the series, it will stand alone with ease. When you've read the previous books, it is fun to see what each of the couples are up to, but there isn't necessary background information you will miss. If you have a few hours to slip away, grab a cup of tea and head off to Granite Lake to hang with my pack. Enjoy!
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